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    Just came back from there. It’s still untouched, unlike hummum falls. Its really sad to see such majestic beauties get turned into a dumpster by us city dwellers. Anyone who plans on visiting Ateka, please keep it untouched. Please. Also keep in mind, the more you want to spread the news of this great waterfall, the more likely it will attract ignorant people who will litter every now and then and destroy the natural beauty.

    Anyways, the steps to Ateka were simply mindblowing. Really didn’t count them though.. we were too mesmerized by the beauty surrounding us. We fixed the guide to take us to ateka and hummum in one go. The tricky guy took us to the first step of Ateka and told us that this was it :p
    Luckily, I read the post on Ateka and knew that there were 9 more steps to reach the main Ateka. So we kept on going until we trekked for one of the most amazing 30 minutes of our lives and reached ateka. It was really nice to witness such a beautiful waterfall just by ourselves!

    A little on the log we see next to the falls – it was swept down the fall in the monsoon season. So you can imagine the flow of water at that time! When we went, it wasn’t that full, or that empty.. i’d say it was just perfect for us!

    We soon started towards hummum and lost whatever enthusiasm we gathered on our way to ateka. Hunnun was a disaster. One could see cigarette butts, poly bags, empty saline packs, crisps packets, and what not all over the trail to and from hummum. I don’t think I’ll be going there again.. cause it just depresses me to see such a wonderful creation turned into a dumpster. But as for ateka.. I can’t wait for the rainy seasons!

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