Trail List

List of some trails of Bangladesh

Route Title Route Details Total Length/time
Rowangchori to Sippi Arsuang Trail Bandarban 2 days
Ruma Bazzar to Keokradong Trail (Through Jhiri Path) Bandarban 2 days
Thanchi to Baklai Waterfall Trail (through Kaiton Para) Bandarban 5 days
Elephant watch trail,Teknaf game reserve forest, Cox’s Bazar Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar 5 hours / 3 hours
Ali Kodom Cave Chokoria – Ali Kodom 1 day
Thanchi to Boro Mowdok waterway Thanchi- Tindu- Ramakri- Choto Mowdok- Boro Mowdok 4 days
Thanchi to tajingdong(through Poddo Jhiri) Thanchi > Sangu>Poddo – New menthon para – menthon para – boarding para > Sherkor Para > Tajingdong 1 and half days
Lawachara 30 minutes Jungle trail Inside Lawachara National park, Srimongol around 30 minutes
Dhaka-1 Aminbazar (Gabtuli)- Hemayetpur (Savar) – Srirampur (Dhamrai) 38 Km. (appx)
Thanchi to Mowdok Taung Bandarban 26 KM (appx)
Longest Beach Trail Coxs Bazar Around 80 km

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