Zow Tlang/Mowdok Mual

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Contributor: Salehin Arshady

Geographical Information:

Peak Name: Zow Tlang/Mowdok Mual

Latitude: 21°40’23.78″N

Longitude: 92°36’16.01″E

Measured Height by GPS (in meter): 1013.5m

GPS Tolerance/Accuracy (in meter): 3m

Data measured by/ or source:
Garmin eTrex 20

Photo Credit: S.M. Mainul

Expedition: Quest for the Eastern Horizon

Summit Date: January 12, 2012

Team Members:

Tashdid Rezwan Mugdho

Tarikul Alom Sujon

Salehin Arshady

S.m. Mainul

General Information

Additional information:
Zow Tlang commonly known as Mowdok Mual is a monstrous peak gourding the eastern horizon of Bangladesh and Myanmar boarder. According to our GPS reading Zow Tlang is the Second highest peak of Bangladesh. (Note: Not officially recognized yet)

In Bawm language the term ”Zow” means Mizo and ”Tlang” means Mountain. According to American and Russian topographic maps Zow Tlang is mentioned as Mowdok mual. It is one of the most wildest peaks of our country. Wild bears and wild boars frequently roam around the whole area. Rungrang or Horn bill can be easily seen here and there.

How to go:
The most convenient Base camp would be Doliyan Para. Doliyan para is situated just beside the Army camp. From there one has to start climbing. The initial part has trails through old ’joom’, but as you keep ascending, the vegetation becomes so thicker and dense that it is really hard to pass through. not many big trees, but very densely growing grass (5-10 feet high) and bamboo plants makes progress very slow. you’ll have to cut your way through at some parts.

Where to stay:
There is one simple rule of BD Army: NO tourists are allowed to enter in this area. So it would be hard to convince them. If you don’t have any permission of BD Army no one will help you.

As the convenient route to scale Zow Tlang starts from Doliyan valley, without the permission from Army camping on the bank of the jhiri would also be difficult and near to impossible task.

What to eat (food):
you will find restaurants up to Ruma Bazar or Thanchi, but from there you will need to carry your own food. Rice, Chicken and Vegetables may be available at the tribal villages along the way, but you must not depend on that – must carry your own food to stay safe. Also carry some dry food, and also some items like chocolate bars that has high energy content.

Tips/advise for traveler:
– CARRY PLENTY OF WATER !!! – the terrain is too steep and challenging, the thick dense vegetation makes progress slow, tiring and frustrating – and on top of that, there are hardly any sources of water. the few streams that do exist are all dried up except for the rainy season – but during the rain, the place will be very very hard to access – the jungle will be many times more dense and infested with leeches.

– although the trail is long and slow, it gets rather monotonous at times – but the VIEW from the summit alone is worth the climb.

– wear full sleeved shirt and long trousers (and atleast socks if not boots), or you will end up with pretty badly scratched-up skin from the thorns and branches while you’re bushwhacking to make way.

and please keep in mind:

– RESPECT THE LOCALS – their customs and culture.

– DO NOT LITTER – respect nature – develop a garbage management system for your team.

– DO NOT DISTURB NATURE / WILDLIFE – must not create abnormally loud noises, do not wear strikingly bright coloured flashy clothes.


do not forget to take:

– ’daa’ – atleast two for the team.

– flashlight with extra batteries.

– water bottle (1 to 2 liters) – also take oral saline and/or glucose to re-hydrate yourselves.

– food – take some dry food and chocolates for the way.

– basic first-aid kit.

– carrying a compass might be helpful.

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11 comments on “Zow Tlang/Mowdok Mual

  1. meherun says:

    Thanks for the post … I never asked for the story… waited to hear someday some of it…

  2. knight says:

    Sounds very challenging. Plan on visiting first week of Nov with a few friends. It’ll be our first time in Bandarban. So.. any tips for us??

  3. Nafiz says:

    Can anyone suggest how to go upto doliyan para???this post doesn’t have any route suggestion about how to go there…..please inform

    • Salehin Arshady says:

      Sorry for the delayed reply bro. You could go upto Doliyan Para from Ramakri bazar. Approx time (3-4hrs)

  4. cse.shamim says:

    Admin, Can u give us the gpx file of Zow Tlang/Mowdok Mual or add with is post.

  5. Shafiul Alam says:

    Hi. Does the 2nd mountain in the picture have more elevation or is it another summit of the same mountain? What’s the name of that peak and height?

  6. Taufique Tamal says:

    without any permission of Army,is any possibility to Rich Jotlang

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