Ateka Falls

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Contributor: Rakib Kishore

Geographical Information:

Waterfall Name: Ateka Falls

Location: Rajkandi Reserve Forest, Kurma Bit, Komolganj, Moulovi Bazar.

We were curious by seeing the narrow water stream before ’Mokam tila’. Then went deeper into the hill and suddenly discovered this wonderful 10 steps falls. In hilly language ’Ateka’ means Suddenly.

We found it suddenly for that we named this fall ’Ateka falls”.


General Information


Additional information:

Ateka Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh,which has TEN different steps. Before now no team visited over there. This mystical water fall lies deep into the Rajkandi Reserve Forest. The water way (jhiri poth) of Ateka Falls is fascinating. The hills and the surrounding forest make this place an ideal camping site for the adventure seekers. one of the uniqueness of Ateka falls is that, it has ten steps from ground. And this is the only Bangladeshi falls which has 10 steps. If anyone wants to go there, he/she have to pass these most beautiful steps.

The interesting thing is these steps are not slippery, anyone can easily climb up there over the watery stone. In rainy season you have to swim the 2nd step and then climb the others. Some unknown fruits are available all over the falls, please do not eat these.


How to go:

The best place to start your journey is Sreemangal, the tea house of Bangladesh.

One can easily reach Sreemangal by train or Bus.

Next destination will be Champarai Tea State, Kurma. It will take 2 hours approx. of cng drive to reach Kolabagan Para in Champarai Tea State.


Kolabagan Para is the last settlement just beside the Rajkandi Reserve Forest.


From Kolabagan Para one has to start trekking towards to Hummum falls. The trekking route is nice and full of hills and hillocks. After 2 hours you will reach the down stream of Shitap jhorna. ’Mokam tila’ will be your left side on that time.

This is the time to discover ’Ateka falls’. Do not climb Mokam tila, Just turn left before Mokam tila. There is a narrow water stream, which mixes into the Shitap pukur. Go forward to that way. After entering the hill garden you discover another wonderful place in your home land. Do not give rest your eyes for next 30 minutes.

After trekking the most beautiful 30 minutes in your life you will see the 1st steps of ’Ateka falls’. The next 20 minutes is mystery. Climb up and up over those watery stone, at the last step you will find another beauty of forest.



Where to stay:

Several hotels/rest houses are available at Sreemangal town.

You can manage your accommodation in Kolabagan Para (if they permit).

Better no need to stay, it could easily been done by one day. Any one can get back in one day from that falls.


What to eat (food):

Some unknown fruits are available all over the falls, please do not eat these. You can take dome dry food from Kolabon para.


Tips/advise for traveler:

* In rainy season the water way (jhiri poth) can be dangerous. you have to swim the 2nd step on then.


* As Rajkandi is a rain forest, there is always a chance of flash flood.


* Carry extra pair of clothes.


* Always carry mosquito repellent creams.


* Please do not put garbage there.


* Carry out what you carry in.





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19 comments on “Ateka Falls

  1. Raw Hasan says:

    Nice post! Do the local guides at Kalapara know the fall? Can they take us to this fall?

  2. Rakib kishore says:

    Hasan vai,
    Na, Kolabon elakar kew aytar khobor ekhono jane na, sudhu amra jei guide ke chengdola kore niye giyechilam se-i ekmatro ayta jane…
    apnara just nirdeshito poth dhore jaben, taholei peye jaben :)

  3. hasnat says:

    do you have a gps log?

  4. Raw Hasan says:

    Can you give me any contact number of your guide whom you’ve taken?

  5. Rakib kishore says:

    Raw vaijan,
    Guide oi rasta chinto na. Ar oi guide er kono contact numbero nai…

  6. Rakib kishore says:

    Hasnat vaijan,
    Amader sathe kono GPS chilona :(

  7. Fazlay Rabby says:

    Dear Rakib, please register as a new user or if already done provide me your user name, so that I can link this post with your account. Thanks.

  8. Rakib Kishore says:

    Rabby vai,

    Amar user name to etai – “Rakib Kishore” :)

  9. Rakib Kishore says:

    Rabby vai,
    Amar user name to etai – “Rakib Kishore”

  10. tanjia says:

    kalapara ? :D

  11. Nizam Adventurer says:

    Age mokam tila per hoe humhum jate hoto,sai pothe pani basi thakai pahari poth hoe mokam tilar samne dea humhum jate hai. Ami mokam tila per hoe saitap pukur theke kichu dur gea ojaner & amer songider oparogater karone back korte baddo hoechi. Ateka falls kew chenana. If any one wants to go there pls start your treking early morning from kolabon para. We got some information about ateka falls by our cng driver when we back srimongol. His name Rosid, Mob- 01754662882 ,CNG no Mowlovibazer 4151. He will help you.

  12. Uttam Singha says:

    Dear Rakib Kishore, it is a very nice article. If you allow me, I will republish this article in our website (, and with a link back to this site. You will get full credit. Thanks

  13. knight says:

    thanks for the post. it really helped us getting there =)

  14. SM. Kafi says: website e Banglai District wise content paben………….

  15. mreedul says:

    vai falls tar nam HALAM , ateka falls na .. requesting to Update the name to Halam falls

  16. AlAmin says:

    GPS log of halam falls 24¤10’30.0” N 91¤54’35.8″ E

  17. Jakir says:

    local manuser kachhe eita SITAP nam e besi porichito

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