Lowmbok-Row (Nag Pahar)

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Contributor: Pusan Shaan


Geographical Information:


Peak Name: Lowmbok-Row (Nag Pahar)

Latitude: 22.067447

Longitude: 92.520381

Measured Height by GPS (in meter): 868

GPS Tolerance/Accuracy (in meter): +/-3m

Data measured by/ or source:

Garmin Etrex-20

Courtesy: Foysal Kaiyum

General Information


Additional information:

Another name of Naag Pahar is Fon-Thu-Ship. Its in Lowbok Roo range. It is located in Eastern part of Bandarban. Because of the sharp edge local people called it Naag Pahar. Nearest tribal village is Nuton Para. The distance of whole trail is bit confusing if you are using any gps device. The height of this peak is 2888ft (+/-3m ).

How to go:

There is no common trail for this peak. You can use so many trail, but It will be easy for you if start from Ruma to Prangsha para. It is a 5 hours trekking path from Ruma to Prangsha para.  You have to walk 16 km.  Your next destination will be Engrai Para but before this you have to hike several hills. One more tribal village will come your way after Engrai para. Nuton para or Thammokh para. This will be the last tribal village before summit. Then move towards the Peak “Naag Pahar”. It will take another two hours from Nuton para to the summit point.

Where to stay:

If you reach Bandarban early in the morning and start trekking from Ruma to Prangsha para you can stay night at Prangsha Para. The people of Prangsha Para go to bed early so you have to reach there before 8 pm or you have to carry tent. For the day one Prangsha para will be the best choice to pass the night.  For the second day after the summit you can pass the night at Nuton para or Engrai Para. But it’ll be better if you can come back to Prangsha Para. Here you can get better facility about food and accommodation.

What to eat (food):

In this trail Bogalake is not included so take your meal at Ruma then start trekking with dry foods like Khejur, Biscuits, Chocolate, Nodules, soup and also carry plenty of  water. If are lucky and fast enough to reach Prangsha Para before the sunset you can get food from local people. Remember Prangsha para has the better facility than Nuton Para or Engrai Para. You can get food from those two tribal village but Prangsha Para will be better for you. Ruma to Prangsha Para is a big distance but you will hardly find jhiri path (near at Prangsha Para only) so be very careful about drinking water.

Tips/advise for traveler:

Please keep in mind:

– RESPECT THE LOCALS – their customs and culture.

– DO NOT LITTER – respect nature – develop a garbage management system for your team.

– DO NOT DISTURB NATURE / WILDLIFE – must not create abnormally loud noises, do not wear strikingly bright coloured flashy clothes.


do not forget to take:

– ’daa’ might be helpful as you will fish rough jungle at the peak.

– flashlight with extra batteries.

– water bottle (at least 1 liter per person) – also take oral saline and/or glucose to re-hydrate yourselves.

– food – take some dry food and chocolates for the way.

– basic first-aid kit.

– a compass might also be helpful while crossing the trail-less jungles.

-GPS device if you want to follow this trail.

-best time to go there is Rainy season and Winter.

Elevation Profile of the trail
default iconnaag-pahar.gpx




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2 comments on “Lowmbok-Row (Nag Pahar)

  1. Tanvir says:

    gpx file e to route/ elevation kichui nai :-(

  2. KONOK says:

    Hi,, i discussed in ruma bazar local people sumit ot nag pahar but the prob is that no one guide go to nag pahar sumit some told me there is too many snake and people respect the hill so what can i do sumit to nag pahar.

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