Dwo Taung

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Contributor: Zaqiul Deep

Geographical Information:


Peak Name: Dwo Taung

Latitude: 21°47’58.28”N

Longitude: 92°32’26.92”E

Measured Height by GPS (in meter): 615 meters.

GPS Tolerance/Accuracy (in meter): +/- 3 meters.

Data measured by/ or source:

Garmin ”etrex 20”

23 February 2012.


General Information

Dwo Taung is a small ‘flat-peaked’ hill less than 3km South-Eest of Sherkor Para, Thanchi, Bandarban.

Despite its low height, reaching its base is quite tough and its unique shape and flat-peak makes it a different type of destination in the hill tracts.

’Dwo’ means a big bowl or pot, and ’Taung’ is a hill or mountain. The appearance of the hill (like an upturned bowl) gave it its name.


How to go:

There are no polular or commonly used trails that would take to there; but no matter how you plan your route, you must need to reach Dwo Taung Para (a Tripura village at the base of the hill) and there is a trail from the village that would take you straight up to the top.


From Sherkor Para, head east/south-east, cross its last ’jooms’ and then the jungle starts. Cross the jungle and you’ll reach Thandui Jhiri .. follow it downstream and you will reach Dwo Taung Para.


You can also start from Thandui Para .. then just follow the Jhiri downstream. Or if you are trekking around the popular destinations of NafaKum, AmiaKum or SatbhaiKum, you can simply go straight UP from the Remakri Canal from near Jinna Para. Dwo Taung is less than 5km North of Jinna Para.


NOTE: Most of the trails you’ll find, whichever route you take, are not popular or commonly used. At places you’ll even need to cross jungles without any trails. During the monsoon, it will be tough.


Where to stay:

There is a rest house at Thanchi. In other villages, you’ll need to stay at tribal houses.


There is a water source (the way marked as ”way to jhiri” in the gpx file attached) at the top of dwo taung which makes it an ideal camping spot (but it almost dries out in the dry season). If you’re lucky, you might even find 1 or 2 ’stay-able’ joom-ghor on the top. The flat-peak is a great place to spend a night under the stars!


What to eat (food):

You will find restaurants up to Thanchi, but from there you will need to carry your own food. Rice, Chicken and Vegetables may be available at the tribal villages along the way, but you must not depend on that – must carry your own food to stay safe. Also carry some dry food, and also some items like chocolate bars that has high energy content.


Tips/advise for traveler:

please keep in mind:

– RESPECT THE LOCALS – their customs and culture.

– DO NOT LITTER – respect nature – develop a garbage management system for your team.

– DO NOT DISTURB NATURE / WILDLIFE – must not create abnormally loud noises, do not wear strikingly bright coloured flashy clothes.


do not forget to take:

– ’daa’ might be helpful.

– flashlight with extra batteries.

– water bottle (at least 1 liter per person) – also take oral saline and/or glucose to re-hydrate yourselves.

– food – take some dry food and chocolates for the way.

– basic first-aid kit.

– a compass might also be helpful while crossing the trail-less jungles.


Elevation Profile of the trail



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2 comments on “Dwo Taung

  1. KONOK says:

    Hi i want to know exact location on Dwo Taung hill
    but as per i know there is para called do dong pahar
    and below do dong pahar the mysterious amiakum , sat vai located please confirm me that :
    the Dwo taung and do dong are same.
    and dont search on thanci through local people they dont know the location of Dwo Taung but they familiar as Do dong pahar or do dong para,.

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