10 number / Haja Chora Falls (Khagrachori)

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Contributor: Serajul Mostakim Peal



Geographical Information:


Waterfall Name: 10 number / Haja Chora Falls (Khagrachori)



Data measured by/ or source:


General Information


Additional information:

This waterfall is situated in Dhiginala, Khagrachori. You have to walk 10-15 minutes from 10 number police post at Dhiginala to reach ten number waterfall.


How to go:

You can go directly to Dhiginala,Khagrachori by Starline, Dhaka. Ticket price will be around 500 to 550 taka. From Khagrachori , there is regular bus service to Dhiginala, Ticket price 150 tk. After reaching Dhiginala, you have to take bus from bus stand. This waterfall situated in Dhiginala – Morisha road . Ask local people for choose the right bus. 10 number waterfall is very common to local people. ticket price 20 tk. Bus will take you to 10 Number Police Post, There is a Little tea stall.then you have to walk a little to reach waterfall. There is a little water trail beside the road & after 10-15 minuets walk you can see the waterfall


Where to stay:

you can stay in Dhiginala or Khagrachori .There is some hotels in Dhiginala with low facilities where you can pass the night.


What to eat (food):

There is a many restaurant at Dhiginala & Khagrachori


Tips/advise for traveler:

Try to see the local Bazar ( HAAT). There is a lot of interesting fruits, vegetables in the Bazar. Saturday & Tuesday is the Bazar Day.





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9 comments on “10 number / Haja Chora Falls (Khagrachori)

  1. rokib says:

    what is the best time for visit 10 number waterfall…???

    • serajul mostakim peal says:

      I think june – July is the best time ………. means the rainy season is the best time to Visit 10 number waterfall.

  2. rokib says:

    thanx bro…

  3. Towhidul Hoque says:

    Dear bro, u have given the wrong name of this fall, the right name is Haja Chora Fall…….i visited this fall last year with the local people…….

  4. Shamim Shaahdat says:

    This is Haja Chora Falls, previously published in Banglatrek….. http://www.banglatrek.org/?p=853

    We visited this place earlier this month.

  5. Fazlay Rabby says:

    Thanks for pointing out about the duplication. As this is the first incident, we have to discuss with core group to decide how to handle this issue.

    • serajul mostakim peal says:

      sorry bro@Shamim Shaahdat,i didn’t read “Haja Chora Falls ” post.it’s my mistake.Admin of Banglatrek plez delete this post :(

  6. Mazid Ahmed Mithu says:

    Nice to see a post after a long time, though it went wrong! But I am really waiting to see some new post..

  7. Tasnim j. says:

    It was a mistake to visit this fall in winter, all dry.Funny thing was,people poured water from the peak using water pump :P

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