Rema Kalenga Wild Life Sanctuary Trail

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Contributor: Fazlay Rabby

Geographical Information:


Trail Name: Rema Kalenga Wild Life Sanctuary Trail

Data measured by/ or source:

Garmin GPSMap60CX

General Information

Additional information:

Rema Kalenga Bit is situated in Hobigonj districts.

How to go:

You can go by bus or Train from Dhaka or Sylhet. Shayestaganj is the Rail station you have to take. If you go by Dhaka-Sylhet bus then you may get off at Khowai Chottor. Another option is to go chunarighat directly from Dhaka or Sylhet. From the rail station/Khowai Chottor/or chunarighat you have to hire a CNG/Auto Rikshaw to reach the Rema Kalenga bit.

Where to stay:

In Shayestaganj you can stay at cheap hotel.

What to eat (food):

A plenty of local restaurant serves at Shayestaganj and Chunarighat. No food is available at the jungle trail.

Tips/advise for traveler:

The trail provided here is a long trail which at the end touches the boarder and go inside dense vegetation. Please use your own judgement to chose trails after entering the jungle.

Elevation Profile of the trail
default iconrema-kalenga.gpx













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5 comments on “Rema Kalenga Wild Life Sanctuary Trail

  1. Shuvo says:

    Vaiya…..trail kotokhoner?…….Trail ki mojha jai forest er bhitore dhukle?

    • Fazlay Rabby says:

      The trail is only 3-4km, we did a lot of detour, and did a circular trek. It is possible to complete in 4 hour with enough rest. thanks.

      Note: you can click on the waypoint mark on the map to see the exact time reading.

  2. Hasan Mostafizur Rahman says:

    I wish I could be there right now!

  3. Sujan says:

    How safe is the trail here? Can it be done alone or two?

  4. Hi Fazla, is it possible to visit Sylhet by air? Please let me know. Actually, I heard that on road transport is not comfortable because of heavy traffic. In this way, I decided to go there by air. Please let me know about this.

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