Amiakum waterfall

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Contributor: Serajul mostakim Peal

Geographical Information:


Waterfall Name: Amiakum waterfall



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General Information


Additional information:

Amiakum is one of the beautiful waterfall in’s near Bangladesh Myanmar Boder.This waterfall is situated in one of the most remote area in Bandarban.There is different way to go Amiakum.


Route 1:

Bandorban > thanchi> Bording para> Simplampi para > Thandiy para > Bollong Para > sat bahi kum > Nakiong muk> Amiakum waterfall

Route 2 :

Thanchi> Poddo muk > Bollong para > sat Bahi kum > Nakiong muk > Amiakum waterfall


How to go:

To visit Amiakum you have to reach at Bandarban first.


There are direct bus services from Dhaka. S. Alam, Unique, Shamoly and Dolphin are the non ac bus services which leave Dhaka for Bandarban at late night. The fare for non ac bus is 550 taka (2012).


from Chattogong to Bandorban 100 tk (2012).


From Bandorban, u can go to Thanchi by Bus ( 110 per person (2012)).


Route plan 1:


It’s long trail. You have to walk most of the path up-down. The trek started from Thanchi, then Boarding para > Simplampi para. From Simplampi Para you can summit Tajindong. After reaching Simplampi Para you have to climb down to Thandui Para. You have to pass one more hill to reach Bollong para. To see Amiakum u have to start journey early in morning from bollong para. In the way you can also see Sat bhai kum > Nakion Muk. It’s a Jiripoth ( water trail ) and one of the most beautiful trail at bandorban. From Nakiong Muk you have to make a Bamboo Raft to reach Amiakum.


Route Plan 2:


Thanchi to poddo muk, you can go by boat. From Poddo muk, you have to start tracking for Bollong para. It’s jiri path, known as poddo jiri. To see Amiakum u have to start journey early in morning from bollong para. In the way you can also see Sat bhai kum > Nakion Muk. It’s Jiripoth ( water trail ) and one of the most beautiful trail at bandorban. From Nakiong Muk you have to make a Bamboo Raft to reach Amiakum. On the way to amiakum you might see many deers,monkey, birds and other wild life.


Where to stay:

There are many hotels at bandorban. At thanchi, you can stay in the rest house. For assistance visit “Modina hotel” restaurant, they will help you to stay at thanchi.

After thanchi you can stay at any tribal para, they are very friendly and hospitable. Try to avoid Simplampi para as they are not that much friendly. Bollong para is a nice place to stay. It’s a Morong para. The Son of karbari (leader of that village) will help you to go Amiakum (Bollong para), guide cost depends on negotiation.


What to eat (food):

At the trail you have to manage food from locality. We always suggest taking some dry and light food for trail.

Tips/advise for traveler:

• Don’t try to Visit in rainy season. At that time there is no way to go because of flooding in the waterway.

• You may take medicine for malaria as this region is considered as malaria affected zone.

• Wear comfortable foot wear. It is very important issue for trekking. Make sure it can give you a better grip. You can wear local plastic sandal if you don’t have any other suitable footwear. Always use socks.

• Take a tribal guide rather than a Bengali guide if required. They are more efficient and helpful.

• Pack all of your good in extra water proof bag or poly bags.

• Fix how much the guide will cost you before starting a trail.

• Don’t take too much load, use backpack/rucksack instead of other sorts of bag. Couple of pairs of dress will be enough. You don’t need any tent (unless you want to do camping) because you will get accommodation easily.

• It is a really easy trek so do not afraid.

• don’t rush, that may occur any accident or trouble.

• Keep head cool in danger. That is the best act. Try to enjoy even in tough situation.

• Be a team. Do not go anywhere alone in the hills, always move with accompany.

• You must take torch light or headlight.


The main tip is if you want to go to Amiakum you will need a lot of mental strength than physical strength.



Photo Credit: Serajul mostakim Peal

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45 comments on “Amiakum waterfall

  1. Fazlay Rabby says:

    Thanks Peal for the nice post. I hope many people will get benefited by it. I hope you will contribute more info for other destinations also to help us helping trekkers in Bangladesh.

  2. samidul says:

    another route also available, I have travelled last month

    Route 3:
    Day 01-Thanchi-Remakkri-Nafakhum-Zinahpara
    Day02- Zinahpara-Amiakhum-Satbhaikhum-Zinahpara
    Day 03- Zinahpara-Nafakhum-rEmekkri-Thanchi

  3. Mazid Ahmed Mithu says:

    Excellent post! Keep trekking!

  4. Sazzad says:

    Hi Peal and Samidul bhai,

    How about at the first week of May? Is this suitable time to trek to Amiakum? Please advice.

  5. Sazzad says:

    Thanks Peal bhai

  6. Nizam Adventurer says:

    I requested to every one if you want to go amiakhum,please follow route one.This way you can summit Tajindong & Sakahafong.You can see beauty of Satbhaipathor,Satbhaikhum,Naxiang & Amiakhum.If you want to back thanchi via remakri you can see Nafakhum on the way.I stay at sajaipara not bollongpara.If you see thanchi to moduktung trail get details.Here I post my esperience.I think first week of november is the best time for go.

    • Jakir says:

      nizam vai ami dec er 13 tarikh jete chai.. plz kono guideline din & valo kono guide er no, thakle dite paren

    • Md.Rokanuzzaman Khan says:

      Nizam vai,

      Amra agami month e amiakhum jete chacchi…ei somoy pani ki kom thakbe??ar sunlam thanchi theke remacri jaoa bondho kore dise bes koekdin age…amra jodi 1 no. route diye jai tahole chittagong theke amiakhum jete highest kotodin lagbe??? ar route 1 e gele thanchi theke Bording para> Simplampi para > Thandiy para > Bollong Para > sat bahi kum > Nakiong muk> Amiakum waterfall prottektar time janale khub upokrito hobo


  7. Md.rubel says:

    Nizam vai ami decamber a jabo apner number ba apner guid r number ki dea jai plzzz

  8. Md.rubel says:

    Nizam vai apne chaile amr num ph deta paren 01911249470 plzzzz

  9. Md.rubel says:

    Peal vai ami dec jabo 1ta valo guid r num den plzzzz

  10. Jakir says:

    I don’t have the language to thanks Nizam vai. He is such a good person. Thank you Nizam vai for provide us valuable information about Amiakhum.

  11. Nizam Adventurer says:

    Thanks Jakir.

  12. Nizam Adventurer says:

    Mr.rokanuzzaman, Akhon jate kono bada nai. Januaryte pani onek kom thake.Apni thanchi to moduk tang a amar post dakhun.Details paben.Mail korun

  13. Jakir says:

    Allah’r Oshesh Rohomote Amara Aro Akti Xtream Bandarban Tour Shesh Kore Shustho & Shavabik Bhabe Gotokal Shokale Dhaka Powcchaise…
    Nimne Tour Shomporkito Kicchu Tottho Prodan Holo…

    Day-1- Dhaka > Bandarban > Thanchi.

    Day-2- Thanchi > Totong Para > Duimukhi Falls > Boarding Para > Sherkhor Para.

    Day-3- Sherkhor Para > Tajingdong > Sherkhor Para > Rongrakkhiyang Jhiri > Tandui Jhiri > Dtong Para.

    Day-4- Dtong Para > Remakkri Khal > Sathbhaikhum > Amiakhum > Nakkhiyang Mukh > Gonggamoni Tripura Para > Thuisa Para > Jinna Para.

    Day-5- Jinna Para > Remakkri Khal > Alshan Para > Ulasing Para > Naphakhum > Headman Para > Panarong Para > Remakkri Falls > Remakkri Bazar.

    Day-6- Remakkri > Boro Pathor > Tindu > Thanchi.

    Day-7- Thanchi > Nilgiri > Bandarban >Nilachol > Bandarban >Dhaka.

    • Sayed Ahammad Sumon says:

      Thanchi > Totong Para > Duimukhi Falls > Boarding Para : Totong Para & Duimukhi Falls er GPS position or route ta janano jabe ki?

  14. Sahyed rubel says:

    Nizam vai apne help na korle amder bandarban bijoyer pothe tour ato sundor kore complete korte hoyto ba partam na apna k amder pokkho theka onek onek thanx thanx nizam vai next amra apner sathe sakahafong jabo insallha joy bangladesh?

    • mehrab says:

      bhaiya i am really interested to have a big trip with 3 of my frnds at bandarbon, ai season e ki keu ase apnar porichito jara group nia jabe obboshoi experience people cause ami ekbar e gesilam tao onek ageee till keokardong porjonto. plz let m knw i am really interested this time to hv a real adventure.

  15. Nizam Adventurer says:

    donnobad,ami aka chilam temon anondo hayni.amra borsakale jabo.Insha Allah.

  16. Nizam Adventurer says:

    There are enormous hidden natural beauties spread all over in depth of Bandarban .No word can express this bounteous of beauty & it is not possible to see all this beauty in a single tour. You have to make at list two tours to discover the beauty of Bandarban.
    1. Ruma > Bogalake > Raikhyang Lake > Raikhyang Falls –Dumlung- Chingri Jhiri > Keokradong > Jadipai…………….
    2. Thanchi >Tajindong > Chombok oi Falls > Naphew Falls > Sakahafong > Sathbhai Pathor > Sathbhaikhum > Naxiang > Amiakhum >Nafakhum > Ramackri > Boropathor > Thanchi.
    My experiences of second tour are posted in details below for your appraisal.
    On 26.01.12 I reached Thanchi Bazar at12 pm.Here I find a guide who helped to registration at BGB camp.We set out at 2.30 pm & reached at Boarding Para at 5.30 pm & hold the night here.
    27.01.12 7 am started for Serkhor Para & reached there at 9.30 am.Having some tea & refreshment we started for Tajindong at 11.30 am & reached to top at 1.45 pm.We started 2.30 pm & reached Thandui Para at 5.30 pm via Simplampi Para (3.35pm).Night hold here.
    28.01.12 Starting at 8.25 am we reached naphew para at 12.30 pm.I followed Chombok oi Falls , Naphew Falls. From here took 1 hour & 25 minutes to reach to the pick point of Sakahafong & it took 55 minutes to climb down & night hold here.
    29.01.12 Starting at 8.10 am we reached Sajai Para at 10.45 am. From here I have taken 6 hours to go Amiakhum by following Sathbhai Pathor > Sathbhaikhum > Naxiang & fallback.
    30.01.12 We started at 7.30 am & followed the route of Laldushong Para > Bujum Para > Dulu Para > Ulachi Para > Chingthon Para to reach Nafakhum at 1.00 pm. Started 2.00 pm from Nafakhum & reached Ramackri Bazer at 4.30 pm via Panidong Para. Night hold here.
    31.01.12 Starting at 8.00 am & we reached Thanchi Bazer at 10.30 am by engine boat via Boropathor & here ended the adventure.Here after I started for home & with the blessing of Allah finished a safe journey.
    Tribal people are very poor & they live in very remote areas. They are out of reach of medical facilities. So bring some diarrhoeal, fever & malarial medicine while visit.
    Join the campaign of resourcing alternative income source of tribal people to stop Jum cultivation to protect natural beauties.

  17. Rajib says:

    I have five days in hand. Pls suggest me a route covering Tajingdong, SakaHafong, Satvakhum, Amiokhum & finally Amiokhum.

    One more thing I want to report: I found this article in another page other than Banglatrek. Are the contributors same?
    Pls see the link

    • Fazlay Rabby says:

      Lot of site copy information from Banglatrek site. Banglatrek permits anyone to copy and use info in their site but reference should have been made. I hope someday we will learn how to respect and value others work.

      Asol kotha holo oi site ta churi koreche info from us. CHOR

  18. Nizam Adventurer says:

    Go ahead Bangla Trek, We are with you.

    Rajib Bhai,
    You have 5 days. But if you follow my route, you have to add minimum more one day. I have a plan for you. Post it below.
    1 Day : Bandarban > Thanchi > Boading Para ( Serkhor para If possible)
    2 Day : Boading Para > Serkor Para > Tajindong > Simplampi Para > Tandui Para
    3 Day : Tandui Para > Sajai Para > Satbhai Pathor > Satbhaikhum > Naxiang > Amiakhum > Sajai Para Or Jina Para ( Hard work, Possible )
    4 Day : Sajai Para Or Jinapara > Nafakhum > Remakri Bazer
    5 Day : Remakri > Boro Pathor ( Raja Pathor ) > Tindu > Thanchi > Bandarban……

    Amra sajai amader prithibi sobujer somarohe. Save Nature,

  19. zahi says:

    nazim vai we have a group of 8 fnd wanna go amia khum in the 1st week of august…is it possible on that time…..pls give me the details information and tl me the number of a guide………..

  20. Nizam Adventurer says:

    Nizam not Nazim, Ami apnader trekking obiggotar somporke jani na. Bristyr somoy pahari poth piccil thake.Bristir din shes hoer por por galeo jarna o jiri pothe onek pani powa jai. Icce korle apner somoyeo jete paren. Amar post ti suru theke ba sesh theke amiakhum porjonto valo kore porle details paben. More mail . Amar grouper name Banglar Trekker.

  21. Sadique says:

    Last year Jadipai ghure ashchi, jedin ashchi tar por thekei opekkhi ashi abar kobe Bandorban jabo…….
    September 15 ar dike amiakhum jete chai.. ai time ki jaoa jabe? amra 10 jon jabo, minimum koto taka kore nie jao uchit, ar amiakhum gele koto din hate nie jaoa bhalo?
    Question gulor ans dile khub khushi hobo…..

  22. Mahbubur Rahman says:

    Nizam vai

    amra 10 fnd 18 october thanchi dia tajingdong , amiakhum, nafakhum remakri bazar jete chassi.
    BGB ki onumoti dibe ?

  23. Nizam Adventurer says:

    Mahbubur Rahman vai, sorry onek din por duklam. Apnara ki gure asechen?

  24. Tanveer says:

    NIzam vi,

    feb ar 21 st abr nafakum jaowar plan ase amader ….. but eibr saatvi kum r amiakum o jaite chai !!! amra ctg theke jabo ….. koidin enough r kivabe 1 ta guideline den kindly .

  25. Hubert says:

    It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of information.
    I’m glad that you just shared this useful info with us.
    Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for

  26. Riaz Mahmood Rajib says:

    Hello. Thanchi theke bollong para te jete kotokkhon lage? R jodi bollong para theke Amiakhum e jete 6 hrs lage tahole ki okhane kono para achhe thakar jonno? Karon tahole akee dine amiakhum, sat vai khum dekhe back kora kothin hobe.


  27. Ataur Rahaman Shykot says:

    Is it possible to reach from sejai para to thanci via nafakhum, remakri and tindu in one day? Please give me your valuable suggestions. We have planned to go at 7august, 2014. Our plan is, 1st night at Boga lake via jhiri path, 2nd night at Baklai para via kapital peak and bench peak, 3rd night at nefue para and summit saka, and 4th night at sejai para after visiting sat vai khum and amiakhum. And rest nafakhum, rimakri and tindu for 5th day. But we are confused about the route to thanci via these places. Also confused about reaching at thanci in one day. Pleas healp us. I want contact over phone if possible.

  28. Tasnim says:

    Can someone tell me how much will it cost to go there from bandarban now?

  29. Md. Arifur Rahman says:

    vai amra 12 jon friend thik koresi thanchi theke ruma ghurbo.
    amra agami 16 tarikhe rowna hobo.
    thanchi<tindu<remacry< nafakhum< jinapara< nakkhiong< amiakhum< dwo-toung para< Tazingdong< simtalpimgpara< baklaipara< jadipai para< keocradong<Ruma
    ata ki somvob hobe vai 6 dine
    plz plz plz advice korle khub upokrito hobo.
    2) thanchi theke Boarding para hoye Amiakhum aste koto somoy lagbe
    3) Amiakhum theke Dwotong parai jawa ki somvob hobe?
    4) tazingdong theke keocradong ki somvob hobe

  30. maruf_iqbal says:

    need a tour guide number who can guide me from ruma to thanchi.

    thank you in advance.

  31. Abdul Aziz says:


    I want to travel to mainly amiakhum, nafakhum and satbhaikhum. Is it possible to visit these places and more (if possible) within 3 days? i want to go on jan 5th and come back on jan 7th…so i will have 3 days to travel to these places.
    so it would be helpful if you could suggest a route!
    thanks in advance! :)

  32. Momin says:

    I have planned to visit Nafakhum, Amiakhum this begining of October 2016. If anyone have plan please inform, I have team of 5 people and will visit Tindu-Barapathar-Remakri-Nafakhum-Saatvaikhum-Amiakhum and come back through Thuisa par-Poddo Jhiri- Thanchi.

  33. shaheda sharmin says:

    is it safe for next mnth???

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