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Contributor: Meherun Faruque



Geographical Information:


Island Name: Sonadia



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Travelers of Bangladesh Tour to the Island


General Information


Additional information:

This island is situated at the Bay of Bengal near another prominent island Moheshkhali, north-west of Cox’s Bazar. The island is covered with mangrove trees and vegetation, mudflats and sandy beach. Most of the people living there are fishermen. There is very little agricultural activity only to provide food for the locality.

A wide variety of migratory and resident birds are seen feeding, nesting and resting on the mudflats, in the mangroves and on the beach and sand bars mostly during winter. The long sandy beach is full with crab homes. During night and in the morning you can see the beautiful red crabs and other crabs. The sand dunes are covered in sand-binding vegetation and support a variety of nesting birds and nesting turtles. The canals, creeks support a variety of water birds and aquatic life, including fish, crabs, shrimp and prawns. It’s heard that dolphins are also visible in canals and near shore.

This island is declared as ECA (Ecologically Critical Area)


How to go:


From Dhaka, you have to reach Cox’s Bazar.


*You can go by direct Bus or by Air.

*If you prefer train journey then you can Travel to Chittagong by Train and then from Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar by bus.



•Bus – Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar =? 600 / 900+ ac

•Air – Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar =? 9500+ return

•Train – Dhaka- Chittagong =? 165


From Cox’s Bazar you have to take an engine boat (Troller) to reach the island. You can also go by a speedboat. By engine boat it will take around 3 hours. Timing depends on tide as you should reach the island during high tide to use the canal that dries up during low tide. It’s better to reach Cox’s Bazar by early morning and start for the island by 9 O’clock in the morning. Engine boat and speedboats are available at ”6 number ghat” it will cost around 3 thousand per boat for the speed boat which can carry around 12 people. And for Engine boat, it will cost 40000 and it can carry 20-30 people.


Where to stay:

There is no hotel, motel or any other regular accommodation. You can carry personal tent to stay. You can camp at ‘Jhau bon’ or at the sandy beach. Some of us just slept on sleeping bag under the open sky which I bet one of the greatest experiences to watch the stars moving over your head and listing to the roar of the sea.


What to eat (food):

There is no restaurant or hotel. You should carry your dry food and food ingredients like rice, lentil, egg, fish. You can carry the dry foods and other dry ingredients form Dhaka and buy fish from Cox’s Bazar if you want. Chicken and vegetable can be found from the locals but there is no guaranty. You can cook yourself or can ask help from the villagers. So be prepared for cooking and take necessary materials (spices, dishes, spoons). There are plenty of coconut tree. You can buy them from the villagers The only pure water source is Tubewell. You should carry water bottles to keep water and do not forget to take water during the travelling.


Tips/advise for traveler:

This island is remote and rarely visited by tourists. So people and children are very curious. They may stay around all the time but be very polite with them. It suggested to not to ask the children to work for you or help you with luggage carrying or anything else. Keep your valuables safe as the curious children may not know the value and take them for playing. Respect the religious value of the villagers and should not wear dresses that hurt their values. Do not make loud noise nearinside village after sunset as the villagers sleep quickly after dark.

If you stay at beach at night then please follow this:


• Dress in dark colour

• Do not make loud noise

• Do not use any kind of flash light or don’t make high flame.

• Do not touch or disturb turtle nests or eggs in any way and don’t catch red crabs.

• No flash photography


Commons Advice:

• You must take Life jacket for engine boat travelling part.

• Please do not litter. Keep nature as it is. Do not through polybags, water bottles etc on the beach. Carry a separate bag with you to put these things and bury them later.

• Take torches and batteries.

• Take raincoat\umbrella if necessary according to season.

• Ware plastic sandalsshoe and remember you have to walk on muddy ground

• Ware easy dress as you have to climb up and down the engine boat and small boats.


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8 comments on “Sonadia

  1. Salehin Arshady says:

    Nice article. Thanks for sharing with us:)

  2. ripon says:

    a wonderful island that lay with RED CARPET… its going to be the next mangrove forest of south-east end of Bangladesh… as you know, the belt of mangrove forest in coastal area of chittagong disappeared long ago.. that is why it is declared as ECA (Ecologically Critical Area).. and hope it will recover as mangrove forest soon… i strongly recommend this island to the adventure traveler…

    nice post

  3. ABiR says:

    i was there.we went there by foot from moheshkhali. and we named the 2.30hr road “KALAHARI”.ha ha…it was fun and nothing less than the saint martin……

  4. Tanim Ashraf says:

    Good article indeed :)

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