Raikhiyang Lake

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Contributor: Salehin Arshady

Geographical Information:

Trail Name: Raikhiyan Lake

Data measured by/ or source:
Photo Credit : Salehin Arshady
Information Based On: Expedition to the South-East corner of Bangladesh 2011

General Information

Additional information:
Sorrounded by massive mountain tops it is the largest natural lake of Bangladesh.Raikhiyang Lake is actually located in Rangamati district. It is commonly known as “Pukur Para Lake”.There is an Army camp just beside the lake. The nearest para is Pukur Para and Pranjong Para situated just beside the opposite banks of the lake. Both are Tripura Paras.

How to go:
There are two common trails you can follow.

Trail One:

Ruma Bazar> Boga Lake> Saikot Para> Ananda Para> Pukur Para.

One could reach Boga Lake from Ruma Bazar either by Jhiri Poth or by Gari Poth. It will take 2-3 hours to reach Saikot Para (One of the highest settlement of Bangladesh). One have to cross Ruma Khal after Ananda Para. If you start early trekking you could easily reach Raikhiyang Lake before dusk. This route is moderately difficult as one have to trek up hill from Boga Lake to Saikot Para, then down Hill trek upto Ruma Canal. Again Up hill trek to Ruku Tlang (You can enjoy a Hawk eye view of Raikhiyan Lake from top )

Trail Two:

Ruma Bazar> Boga Mukh Para> Enu Para

The whole trail up to Enu Para will be through streams. If you start early in the morning from Ruma Bazar you could easily reach Raikhiyang Lake before dusk. If you are starting from Bandarban then you could reach Enu Para on day one. The following day you could reach Raikhiyang Lake via Ruku Tlang.
This route is relatively easy as most of the times you are on cool streams. But due to zigzag formation of jhiris it would take some time.

Note: As there is an Army camp, it is advisable to have a permission from them.

Where to stay:
You Can stay in Local’s tribal style huts. It is advisable to stay in Pranjong Para instead of Pukur Para as from there you can easily start your next trek to Raikhiyang Falls.

What to eat (food):
Up to Bandarban you will find local restaurant (here it is called “hotel”) who serves decent rise and curries. After you leave Bandarban for the trail, you have to depend on whatever food you have or you may ask the tribal village to prepare some local food for you.

note: It is always helpful to carry some dry foods on trekking.

Tips/advise for traveler:
• Visit in rainy season if you like adventure, winter is most easy season for trek.
• You may take medicine for malaria as this rezone is treated as malaria affected zone.
• Wear comfortable foot wear. It is very important issue for trekking. Make sure it can give you a better grip. You can wear local plastic sandal if you don’t have any thing. But must wear it with socks, better with couple of socks. Otherwise if you are not sure what you should wear then buy a jungle boot, which you can buy from supply stores of army or police accessories. You can get this stores at Kachukhet bazaar or Palwel super market
• Take a tribal guide rather than a Bengali guide. They are more efficient
• Pack all of your good in extra water proof bag or bags.
• Fix how much the guide will cost you. The standard rate is 300 taka per day.
• Don’t take too much load, use back pack instead of other sorts of bag. Couple of pairs of dress will be enough. You don’t need any tent because you will get accommodation easily.
• It is a really easy trek so do not be afraid
• Don’t rush, that may occur any accident or trouble.
• Keep head cool in danger. That is the best act. Try to enjoy even in tough situation.
• Be a team.
• The accommodation will cost you around 50 to 60 taka per person per night.
• Take rope if you are there in rainy season.
• Trekking with friends is better than trekking with unknown person.
• Your physical stress can create mental stress. So any one can behave roughly, take it easy.
• There might be some lice, don’t be afraid they are not life threatening.
• Support your weaker partner, don’t leave him. That support may make the trip enjoyable.
• Respect tribal culture.
• Please keep the hills clean – Do not litter.

What to take:
• Sleeping Bag (You may get bedding there, but it’s better to have your own, specially at winter)
• Extra one pack of dress to sleep at night.
• Electric Torch with extra battery.
• Camera.
• Dry food, light but enough to eat in the way.
• Water container, to drink water on the way.
• Can take water purifier, though most of the time water is clean.
• Extra socks, as much as possible



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8 comments on “Raikhiyang Lake

  1. Mamun says:

    Salehin bhai,
    thank you so much for your excellent contribution. It is really very informative. Travelers who wants to see the beautiful lake as well as the massive waterfall must be benifited from your writing.
    I want to add with you that people who visit these places will be more happy if they return in the other route. They can return to Ruma bazar through Batthali para (a Marma para) with staying a night in this para. This trail from Pukur para to Ruma bazar is awesome with a long way of plane land. Travelers who will use the route can see the Table hill as bonus.

  2. Tanvir Hussain says:

    1. Ruma or Boga theke lake porjonto “gpx” file to deya nai.
    2. So Saikot Para & Ananda Para er gps coordination ta pele valo hoto.

  3. Sabbir says:

    Boga lake theke keokaradong summit kore back kore eshe then kon route e sob cheye easily and quickly Raikhiyang Lake jaoa jabe? Boga lake theke Raikhyiang lake jete ashte koto somoy lagbe?
    personally I ve summit keokaradong,Saka Haphong & TanjingDong consecutively…but jara trekking age kokhono koreni tara ki Raikhyinga lake er trekking korte parbe??
    Dec 13 raate dhaka theke bandorbon e start korbo..Dec 19 e dhaka eshe office dhorbo… so er moddhe boga lake,keokaradong trek kore ki Raikhiyang lake e jaoa asha kora jabe??

  4. Jakir says:

    Sob kichu thik thakle r nafakhum open thakle dec 13 raate first nafakum tarpor keokaradong jabo insallah

  5. Md.rubel says:

    Amra 12jon 13dec jabo kew r kache guid r ph num ache dewa jabe dela khub khuse hobo plzzzz my num-01911249470

  6. Adeeb says:

    Ei lake dekhar por bogalake, pushkuni pushkuni lagtesilo. Very informative writing. But route one could be dangerous and physically challenging If its a rainy day and and you are at 3rd day of 4-5 day trip.

  7. ronin says:

    Is it possible to go by the first trail in rainy season. Planning to go after this eid. Thanks

  8. razib says:

    how many days will take ?

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