Ratargul Swamp forest

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Contributor: Rajib Hassan



Geographical Information:


Place Name: Ratargul Swamp forest



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Personal trip of Author Rajib Hassan


General Information


Additional information:

Ratargul is a fresh water swamp forest situated in Sylhet by the river of Goain. Freshwater swamp forests, or flooded forests, are forests which are inundated with freshwater, either permanently or seasonally. The water comes here from the adjacent Goain River. This evergreen forest is getting submerged under 20 to 30 feet water in some part during rainy season. Its a good source of different local fish.

It’s the habitat of different snakes, monkeys, lizards, insects & birds. You would have seen vulture & Eagle if you are lucky.

Some part the forest gets so narrow that you can’t go by boat. You will get the flavor of Amazon forest here.


How to go:

You can reach Sylhet by bus, train or by Plane. Dhaka to Sylhet by bus will take around 6 hours.


Plan 1:

Sylhet Ambarkhana point to Goainghat bazaar by CNG 300-400 tk, 1.5 hrs

Goainghat boat stand to Ratargul Bit office by big boat 800 tk, 1.5 hrs

Bit office to Ratargul forest by small boat 200-300 tk

Ratargul forest to Motorghat 20 mins

Motorghat to Ambarkhana ghat by CNG 35tk/person, 1 hr


Plan 2:

Sylhet Sobhani ghat to Shari ghat by bus (that goes to Jaflong), 30 tk, 1 hr.

From Shari ghat to Goainghat bazaar by humanhaller 15 tk, 0.5 hr.

From goain ghat follow the previous plan.


Where to stay:

You can return from the swamp forrest and stay at any hotel in Sylhet Town


What to eat (food):

Take food from Goain hat or Shari ghat. There is no shop in the forest.


Tips/advise for traveler:

Try to travel early in the morning. You could watch many birds.

Be aware of snake hanging from the tree during rainy season.





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35 comments on “Ratargul Swamp forest

  1. Md. Ahsan Habibul Alam says:

    I hope it would be a wonderful place to visit.Rain forest zone at rainy season, amazing opportunity to see the natural beauty.
    Thanks Bangla Trek.

  2. meherun says:

    This is a very good post with detail information. I would like to visit the place next monsoon… :)

  3. Mujahid says:

    Very nc information for all.tnx rajib bro..

  4. ghgh says:

    df dfds sdfkdsg ghf

  5. Rabby says:

    Thanks Rajib for the nice informative post. hope it will help other travelers to visit that place.

  6. Dr.amit sen gupta says:

    is it possible to make a one day tour to ratargul from dhaka?which one is the fastest plan1 or plan2?
    thanks for this nice and infomative post…..

  7. Sanjib says:


  8. Rajib says:

    Thank u all. Dr. Amit shen@- yes its possible. go to Sylhet by any night coach/ train. then start ur. U can come back Sylhet town within 4/5 pm.both the plan will take similar time. Another quicker plan is possible. but u ve to make sure that there is a boat ready at motorghat.

  9. Sabit Sarwar Nadhvee says:

    dhat ami motorghat theke ghurei chole ashchi :(

  10. juned ahmed says:

    accha akon ki oi jaygay gele pani pawa jabe..karon sylhet a tho nodi te mutamuti pani ache…plz inform me..

  11. Meherun Faruque says:

    Thanks Rajib for such a nice post. Do you have more information about, if we can stay near that forest somewhere?

  12. rajib says:

    there is plane land around motorghat at the bank of the river.u can make ur camp there.

    • Mamun says:

      May I take the car to motor ghat, then may I park there for so long I stayed in forest. Is that secured for me to park there.

  13. Ratul, Dhaka says:

    Thanks for the information. We may go….

  14. Zahir says:

    Thanks for nice and useful post.

  15. Saifullah Al Kafi says:

    We recently visited Ratargul Swamp Forest.We followed plan 1
    Excellent Review.Thanks Mr.Razib.

  16. Rajib says:

    u are welcome Saifullah vai

  17. Osman Sarker says:

    Is it best time to visit in December ?

  18. Rajib says:

    Nope. in december there will be no water. so…..

  19. Nazrul islam says:

    I see it again & again. Its wonderful place in rainy season. I can help any visitor my mobile no 01737182008

  20. Ibrahim Khalil says:

    Keep updatted about new journey bro, by the way thanks for info

  21. mohtashim says:

    today i have visited the Ratargul swamp forest!
    omg! it is the best place i have ever seen!

  22. Sunny says:

    thanks a lot for the information. it will help a lot. i wish to visit asap. thanks again

  23. A.K.M LOKMAN says:

    vital info for me now this time,coz widin 10 days me wid my frnds will go there inshallah……thanks

  24. Sunny says:

    how is the place currently? it’s almost winter. did the swamp get all dried up?

  25. Sino says:

    Any place to stay? Is there any banglow in the forest where we can stay for the night?

  26. Sino says:

    I meant in the forest bit?

  27. Moushan says:

    Is this place safe for girls?

  28. The post is very nice… People who take a tour there will also post something new… What about the people who are planning to go over there with personal car and family?

  29. Rajib says:

    Yes you can go by private car/micro. avoid plan 1 if u are using car. As the road condition to goainghat via shalutikor is very bad. Plan 2 would be very easy.

  30. Yocelin says:

    Your extremely hmonsdae is really irritating me, seriously!Anyways..I would like to call you regarding the price wars article you wrote recently. You asked me to call you. Ddin’t get time last week! Whats the best time to call you tomorrow?

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