Tanguar Haor

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Contributor: Pusan Shaan

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Trail Name: Tanguar Haor

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Photo credit: Pusan Shaan

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Additional information:
Tanguar haor (Bengali: টাঙ্গুয়ার হাওর), (also called Tangua haor), located in the Dharmapasha and Tahirpur upazilas of Sunamganj District in Bangladesh, is a unique wetland ecosystem of national importance and has come into international focus. The area of Tanguar haor including 46 villages within the haor is about 100km2 of which 2,802.36 ha2 is wetland. It is the source of livelihood for more than 40,000 people. The Government of Bangladesh declared Tanguar haor as an Ecologically Critical Area in 1999 considering its critical condition as a result of over exploitation of its natural resources. In 2000, the hoar basin was declared a Ramsar site – wetland of international importance. With this declaration, the Government is committed to preserve its natural resources and has taken several steps for protection of this wetland.
Tanguar haor plays an important role in fish production as it functions as a ‘mother fishery’ for the country
Every winter the haor is home to about 200 types of migratory birds. The haor is an important source of fish. In 1999-2000, the government earned 7,073,184 takas as revenue only from fisheries of the haor. There are more than 140 species of fresh water fish in the haor. The more predominant among them are: ayir, gang magur, baim, tara, gutum, gulsha, tengra, titna, garia, beti, kakia etc. Hijal, karach, gulli, balua, ban tulsi, nalkhagra and some other important threatened species of freshwater wetland trees are there in this haor.
At the other side of the Haor you will find Bongal Vita. It is at the border of Bangladesh-India. It is a beautiful village and you can see hills so closely from it.

Source : Wikipedia.

How to go:
First you have to reach Sunamganj. You can go Sunamganj by Bus from Fokirapul/Sayedabad. Dhaka-Sunamganj Non-AC bus fare 400/450 Tk (Mamun/Shaymoli poribahan).
After reaching Sunamganj you have to go Saheb Bazar ghat(in front of Hason Raza’s home). You can reserve a trawler from here to go Tanguar Haor (only possible in rainy season). It will cost 3500 to 4000 tk. But if you have low budget and if you go there in winter you have to reach Munipuri Ghat first from Shaheb Bazar ghat by local boat, cost will be 5 tk per person (this gps trail started from Saheb Bazar ghat ). After reaching Munipuri ghat your next destination will be Tahirpur. You have to hire Motor bike for that, because this is only public transport at those route. Cost will be 200/250 per bike(2 persons). After reaching Tahirpur go to local ghat. You can hire a engine boat from here but make sure it is big enough and two stored because you might have to sleep inside it at night or can get protection from rain/fog. Tahirpur is the nearest place of Tanguar Haor so boat rent is much lower from Shaheb Bazar Ghat. It will be 2000 to 2500 tk for big boat can take 30/35 persons for 24 hours. Boat rent totally depends on your bargaining ability. From Tahirpur it will take one and half hour to reach Tanguar Haor.

Where to stay:
In Sunamganj there are few hotels and room rent will be 200 to 500 tk. If you planned to stay in Tahirpur you have to manage a room from local village . Cost will be 100 to 200tk. But my suggestion to stay in boat at night so that you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise from the middle of the Haor and belive me it will be a great experince for you because Haor looks so heavenly at those time. You will be able to see the both incident parallaly of your eyes and at the night you can enjoy the moon light or can watch the shooting stars (possible in clear sky). There is a small island in the middle of Tanguar Haor near at Tanguar Haor rest house( now Ansaar use this as their camp)and few families live there. This island have the sanitary facilities and you can pass the night near to it .It is the safer place from anywhere of the Haor.

What to eat (food):
There are so many restaurant in Sunamganj and food price is very reasonable. In Tahirpur the restaurant facilities is not well enough. If you plan to stay night at boat you have to buy foods from Tahirpur local market. Discuss with your boatman and tell him to manage cooking facilities at that island. Local people of that island is very friendly and they can cook for you. You can also do BBQ at there if you have all necessary things for it.

Tips/advise for traveler:
*Take a life jacket. It is must if you do not know swimming.
*Be aware of malaria, use mosquito repellent (Odomos) when you will pass the night near at that island.
*Be very careful at bargaining.
* Use umbrella for sun/ rain.
* Take poly thins to save your electronics devices .
*Take first aid kits and band aids.
*At the time of sun rise/sun set and night there is possibility to be attacked by millions of tiny white insects . They are not harmful but too much annoying. Cover your face if you see them.
* Be careful at scuba diving because inside Haor there are so many plants and invisible net(current jal).
*Do not go there only for fishing.
*Using current jal is totally banned there.
*Best time to go there is winter.
*Best place for wildlife photography because of thousands migratory birds.
*Do not hunt the birds.
*Do not drop any waste material and poly thins in Haor.
*Keep the Haor clean.



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17 comments on “Tanguar Haor

  1. Tanvir Hussain says:

    Where is the gpx file? I can not find it.

    • Pusan Shaan says:

      Tanvir vai: gpx file er size 2mb. Ato boro file ei website a upload hoyna….give me ur mail address ..I’ll send it to you….

  2. Rabby says:

    Thanks Pushan for the post. Few feedback to improve the post:

    1. Send me the GPX in email, I will process it and make the size small.
    2. Please remove the info collected from Wiki, as Banglatrek always prefered first hand data, a few lines from yourself would be much more appreciated.
    3. Change the name of the picture relevant to the post in future post as it would be dificult to do site maintenance with generic name (it is dificult to understand which pic goes with which post in case we need to restore the site some time due to technical problem.) This pic I will change myself.

    Please edit the post with your user account and update. Thanks.

    • Pusan says:

      Rabby vai:: vaiya right now my pc is out of order ..I’v sent that gpx file to Salehin ..I’ll give it to you and correct this post when i’ll fix my pc……

  3. Pusan says:

    Rabby vai n Tanvir vai….I have sent the gpx file to your mail…
    n @ Rabby vai:: how can I edit this post again??

    • meherun says:

      Hay Pusan, you can send the edited version to me or Rabby. We will edit it for you. :) and I liked your Tips\Advice in the post.


  4. Thanks for sharing valuable information.I may try it on upcoming year-January of February 2012

  5. Prince says:

    kobe jawa jai seta chinta korchi

  6. Fahad says:

    Hi Pusan,

    Very useful information for me. Thanks for post it. Hope we will go there very soon.

  7. you can stay at surmavally residential resort , we can organize 2 day 2 night package trip to tanguar haor and laurerghor,with modern accomodation, delicious food ,and secure trasportation.

    contact mobile no:01711438803

  8. Sadman Saquib says:

    Vaia, We need a little bit help. We want to go to Sunamganj on 8th May night by train. Is it a good time for visiting Tanguar Haor? We hope that we will be at sunamganj by 7.30-8.00 am(by taking bus from Sylhet). So, if we start for tanguar haor at around 9 am, then would it be possible to visit tekerghat border, Lauergor border and Barikertila? Is it really safe to stay at the boat at night near the ansar camp of Tanguar Rest house???

  9. atmsazzad says:


    We (approximately 12 person) wish to visiting Tanguar Haor in next Friday (07-06-2013) so would you like to tell me is it the right season to visit there. and if we go there is natural beauty amaze us in this rainy season!!

    Allah Hafiz

    • razib says:

      have you visited alreday?
      could you please share the approx cost if we want to night stay on boat what will be the approx cost ?


  10. Nizam Adventurer says:

    If you go after two weaks is better. But you can go now.

  11. razib says:

    boat resurve kore night stay korte chai. koto khoroch porbe ?

  12. Bodrul says:

    ভাইজান সাহেববাজার ঘাট থেকে টাঙ্গুয়া যেতে কতক্ষণ লাগবে ??

  13. Bodrul says:

    বর্ষাকালে কি অবস্থা থাকে ?? এই সময়ে যাওয়া ঠিক হবে কি??

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