Thanchi To Mowdok Taung

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Contributor: Pusan Shaan

Geographical Information:

Trail Name: Thanchi To Mowdok Taung

Data measured by/ or source:
GPS trace: Germin GPSmap 60Cx .

General Information

Additional information:
This trail leads you to the possible highest peak (unofficial) of Bangladesh. This peak is also known as Saka Hafong and Tlang Moy.

to know more about Mowdok Taung/Saka Hafong/ Tlangmoy please follow the bellow mentioned link:

information about Mowdok Taung

How to go:

The trek started from Thanchi. For that you have to reach Bandarban. And from Bandarban one has to go to Thanchi.

To reach Bandarban follow the mentioned link-

How to reach Bandarban?

Bellow mentioned link would help you to reach Thanchi from Bandarban

How to go Thanchi from Bandarban?


First of all one has to reach Bandarban Town. From there one have to go to Thanchi Bazaar from where the trail starts. It goes through Boarding Para, Sherkor Para, Lungphe Taung (Tajindong) peak (2726 ft), Simplampi Para, Thandui para , Ramackri khal , Hangrai Para and at last Nefuew Para to Mowdok Taung.

This is a long trail around 36 km from Thanchi to Mowdok Taung. If you follow this GPS trail you will find Boarding Para first after passing Thanchi Bazar and Tutong para. Sherkor para will come next in between Sherkor Para and Simplampi Para you can summit Tajindong. After reaching Simplampi Para you have to climb down to Thandui Para. After leaving form Thandui Para you will find a narrow Jhiri path (Water boby) next. Follow it towards it’s end, you will find beautiful Ramackri Khal. Turn right; walk through the side of that canal. You need to cross this canal several times for better path. After passing Hangrai Para and beautiful “Chumbok Oi Falls” walk around half kilometer then turn to the left. You will find a splendid jungle with full of mystery . There you will find around 60 ° slope which you need to climb for 200 ft approximately which leads You towards Nefuew Para, from Nefuew Para you have to climb 1500ft and it will takes only one and half hour to reach the peak point depends on individual pace and ability.


Where to stay:
At Bandarban you can get descend hotels @ (+/-) 200 to 250 taka per person. At Thanchi you can get place at Thaana Rest House @ 70 taka per person. On the other option you could manage your place at any tribal villages. Pay around 50- 60 taka per person in this case you ought to respectfull enough to others’ culture and custom

What to eat (food):
Up to Thanchi you will get some restaurant. At the trail you have to manage food from locality. We always suggest taking some dry and light food (biscuits, Chocolate etc) while you are trekking. Take saline if you go for trekking in summer. To have own cooked food you are suggested to carry oil and spices. Rice, vegetable or chicken are mostly available at paras (tribal Villages) if there is no crucial crisis. You also try the local tribal food as well.

Tips/advise for traveler:

  • This trail could be more difficult to complete in rainy season to complete due to Ramakri Khal.
  • New trekkers are suggested to follow the trail in winter.

And follow the common TIPS



1. This information is based on a trip on January 2011.

2. All financial data like fare, rent etc. based on January 2011.


Ramakri Khal , Lungphe Taung (Tajing Dong), Chombok Oi Falls, Nephew Falls, Forest of Nephew


Elevation Profile of the trail
default iconThanchi-Mowdok-Taung.gpx


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51 comments on “Thanchi To Mowdok Taung

  1. Salehin Arshady says:

    Great work indeed.

    keep trekking…

  2. quorashi says:

    Rabbi vai there is another route to go saka hafong. from thanci you can go to remakri bazar by engine boat or by foot. engine boat will take 2.5 hours; if you walk it’ll take 6 hours. from remakri bazar through remakri khal you can go jinna para (tripura para). on the way you’ll pass nafakum. from jinna para to sajai para (khiang para). then nepheu para-saka hafong. from sajai para you can go to sat vai kum & omiakum.

    • Md. Abdullah Al Mamun says:

      Thanks Quarashi bhai. I was searching for this info.

    • Zaman Rahat says:

      Dear Quorashi,

      please provide thos information as a individual post. looking forward for that.

    • razib says:


      could you please let me know how many days/hr need to reach Sk hafong from remakree bazar?
      1. nafakhum 3.30hr
      2. nafakhum to Sajaj para –hr?
      3. Sajaj para to Nefue para?

      please help if you know.


    • Md.Rokanuzzaman Khan says:

      Can you give your Email address , Quorashi vai??…We Want to Visit SafaHaphong on your route

  3. quorashi says:

    another thing, it’ll take 6-7hours from remakri bajar to sajai para.sajai para-saka hafong-sajai para will take 10hours(tentative time).

    • Fazlay Rabby says:

      Thanks Quorashi bhai for the valuable info. Each peak in banglatrek will have multiple trail route. As an example this page(a trail) is a part of the “Mowdok Taung” (a peak)page. As you have trekked in that route recently I suggest you to submit a trail from the menu(submit a trail info). It is not necessary to have GPS data to submit info in Banglatrek.

      The more info you can provide in a clear and understandable way the more people will learn from it. Sharing is the strength.
      Happy Trekking

    • razib says:

      does anybody has the gps guide line remakree to nefuew para? –please help to share the link :)


  4. Thats a great read and informative article Pusan !!
    We did the Thanchi-Saka-Keokradong-Boga Lake trek in 3.5 days (81 km) in the beginning of February 2011.
    The report from that trip can be found here:

  5. Rasheda Khan says:

    We would like to conduct an anthropological study In Thanchi particulaly with the women. Is language a barrier to talk to people there? if so, is it possible to get interpreter there?

    • Fazlay Rabby says:

      Dear Rasheda,
      In Thanchi bazar you will find everyone speaking Bengali. If you go to remote tribal villages then it’s better to take a guide who can act as interpreter as well. Be aware that each tribes (murong, bom, tripura etc)has there own language, so be specific with the guide about it.

      In reality we found almost in all village the teacher of para center or the headman can speak and understand Bengali well.

  6. Md. Abdullah Al Mamun says:

    Really great job.

  7. Dr.amit sen gupta says:

    If u plz give time that is required for treking,and plz give some pics of the waterfall that u crossed during treking

    • Fazlay Rabby says:

      Dear Dr. Gupta,
      Please download the GPX file and view it with google earth, you will get detail info about exact time and other info for every points. Your suggestion is well taken, we will ask the author to include trek time. Thanks.

    • Zaman Rahat says:

      Dr. Amit Sen Gupta,

      so far we have been reported it takes minimum 4 days and maximum 7 days

  8. Tariq Obaida says:

    Dear Fazlay Rabby Bhai,
    Would you pls give me the information where from i buy GPS device.

    • Fazlay Rabby says:

      Dear Tariq bhai, I heared that in IDB bhaban some entry lavel GPS is available but very expensive. It is advisable to buy from Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore/USA or similar places.

      If you have a Nokia mobile with GPS, you can try to load some application like Nokia Sports Tracker or other which can record track. Thanks.

  9. Tariq Obaida says:

    In coming Eid UL Azha Vacation we interested to trekking Tanchi to Mowdok Mual to Baklai Falls to Keokradong.Can you help us to collect guide who know the way.

    • Fazlay Rabby says:

      Banglatrek team normally do not rely on guide rather collect information using maps, gearth etc and then follow the path using GPS if it is to much unknown place. You can make a route plan of all the para with timeline and follow those, it is very easy to go from one para to another para, only in the last para you might ask for a guide to take you to the peak.

  10. Rubayat Jamal says:

    I just want to say one thing, if you are an amateur trekker then DO NOT go for trekking in rainy season. It is unbelievably risky and it will discourage you to go for the next time. At the same time you can not enjoy the beauty of the nature because all the time you have to remain cautious in the extreme slippery narrow roads.

  11. dr.amit sen gupta says:

    thanchi-sherkor-tajindong-shiplampi-thandui-nefeu-mowdok tuang-siplampi-baklai-thaikang-ruma apprx koto din lagbe?

  12. Pusan Shaan says:

    @dr.amit sen gupta :: from our experience….
    ***day 1:: start from Bandarban at early morning..reach Thanchi by 2-3pm . If you can trek very hard you can reach Sherkor para same night or you can reach Boarding para (we stayed at Boarding para.)
    **day 2:: start trekking at early morning …head towards Sherkorpara then summit Tajindong…you will find Simplampi para next…go down to Thanduipara..(we stayed here at night).
    **day 3:: move towards Nefuw para by Ramackri khal and jhiri path on the way you’ll find Hangrai para..Chombukoi falls and Nefuw fall (in a dense jungle) if you go for the falls you may not summit Mowdok Mual on the same day…
    and if you do not go for the falls you can summit Mowdok Mual on that day. Stay night at Nefuw para.
    day 4:: Summit Mowdok Mual and return to Thandui para.Stey here at night.
    day 5:: If you can trek very hard you can reach Kewkradang at the same day. Its a 25km trails so you have to walk very fast (we stayed night at the top of Kewkradong ) or you can stay at Thaikong para.
    day 6:: After that move towards Bogalake via darjhiling para and chingri jharna…you can reach there before 1/2pm.
    stay there or move to Ruma by jhiri path or Chander gari….
    so approximate 6 days is enough….
    Thank you….keep exploring….and keep the hills clean… :)

    • Rizve says:

      is it possible to use this route:
      Thanchi>Remakri>Tajingdong>Mowdok Mual>Kewkradong?

    • Rajib says:

      Turn Left
      N 21° 48′ 12.19″ – E 92° 34′ 49.68″ – 193 m

      এই ব্যপার টা বুঝি নাই। গুগল মেপ এ কোন রাস্তা দেখি না।

  13. Zaman Rahat says:

    @ Rizve yeas. and that have been discussed above

  14. jakaria khan says:

    Financial Information is Very Much Necessary. Can anyone give me any idea that, how much it would cost for Thanchi>Remakri>Tajingdong>Mowdok Mual>Kewkradong? for at least 5 members

    • nizam says:

      I visit here 26.01.12 . From my point of view every one have to follow my mentioning trail which i follow. This trail is best.Thanchi > Tajindong> Nephew Falls> Sakahafong > Satbhai Pathor,Sathbhaikhum,Naxiang,Amiakhum > Nafakhum, Remakri >Boropathor >Thanchi.Cost- Guaid purpose 6000+/=, Accommodation purpose Every night per person 100/=,More information mail me ,I also visit keowkradong last year.

  15. razib says:

    hello nizam bhai,

    please let us know how many hr will take nefue para to Sathbhaikhum,Naxiang,Amiakhum?

    is it possible to visit within a day if we start from nefue para and stay night at jina para with visit all amiakhum-satbhai khum?

    please adise if you know details.

    thanks & regards,

    • Fazlay Rabby says:

      Dear Razib,
      Mr. Nizam won’t get the notification about your comment, please mail him directly. Thanks.

    • Nizam Adventurer says:

      There are enormous hidden natural beauties spread all over in depth of Bandarban .No word can express this bounteous of beauty & it is not possible to see all this beauty in a single tour. You have to make at list two tours to discover the beauty of Bandarban.
      1. Ruma > Bogalake > Raikhyang Lake > Raikhyang Falls –Dumlung- Chingri Jhiri > Keokradong > Jadipai…………….
      2. Thanchi >Tajindong > Chombok oi Falls > Naphew Falls > Sakahafong > Sathbhai Pathor > Sathbhaikhum > Naxiang > Amiakhum >Nafakhum > Ramackri > Boropathor > Thanchi.
      My experiences of second tour are posted in details below for your appraisal.
      On 26.01.12 I reached Thanchi Bazar at12 pm.Here I find a guide who helped to registration at BGB camp.We set out at 2.30 pm & reached at Boarding Para at 5.30 pm & hold the night here.
      27.01.12 7 am started for Serkhor Para & reached there at 9.30 am.Having some tea & refreshment we started for Tajindong at 11.30 am & reached to top at 1.45 pm.We started 2.30 pm & reached Thandui Para at 5.30 pm via Simplampi Para (3.35pm).Night hold here.
      28.01.12 Starting at 8.25 am we reached naphew para at 12.30 pm.I followed Chombok oi Falls , Naphew Falls. From here took 1 hour & 25 minutes to reach to the pick point of Sakahafong & it took 55 minutes to climb down & night hold here.
      29.01.12 Starting at 8.10 am we reached Sajai Para at 10.45 am. From here I have taken 6 hours to go Amiakhum by following Sathbhai Pathor > Sathbhaikhum > Naxiang & fallback.
      30.01.12 We started at 7.30 am & followed the route of Laldushong Para > Bujum Para > Dulu Para > Ulachi Para > Chingthon Para to reach Nafakhum at 1.00 pm. Started 2.00 pm from Nafakhum & reached Ramackri Bazer at 4.30 pm via Panidong Para. Night hold here.
      31.01.12 Starting at 8.00 am & we reached Thanchi Bazer at 10.30 am by engine boat via Boropathor & here ended the adventure.Here after I started for home & with the blessing of Allah finished a safe journey.
      Tribal people are very poor & they live in very remote areas. They are out of reach of medical facilities. So bring some diarrhoeal, fever & malarial medicine while visit.
      Join the campaign of resourcing alternative income source of tribal people to stop Jum cultivation to protect natural beauties.

  16. Rajib_Gs says:

    Hello Bangla Trekkers,
    For Ur Kind In4mation…Is There ny1 Can Help Me To Know, Where I’ll Found Mr. Nazim Bhai?!?
    Like, Ny Phone no/FB Id…etc.. Cuz, i’ve Emailed him almost 5days ago.. Eagerly waiting 4 his Reply But, Still No Reply :(

    We Wanna go to Bandarban in coming Eid UL Azha & Follow His mentioned Trail…
    Thanchi > Tajindong> Nephew Falls> Sakahafong > Satbhai Pathor,Sathbhaikhum,Naxiang,Amiakhum > Nafakhum > Remakri >Boropathor >Thanchi.

    So, As we r not experts we hv few ques….we desperately need those ans..Plzzz every1 he/who know him help us to find him..


  17. Rajib_Gs says:

    Sorry…That would b Nizam Bhai*

  18. Shumon says:

    I want to go Banderban this eid vacation. I have 4days in my hand. I have already taken this route from Nizam vai “Thanchi >Tajindong > Chombok oi Falls > Naphew Falls > Sakahafong”. But after that I dont want to go rest of trail as I have already visited. Can Anyone please suggest me any trail to visit another place from Sakahafong which I can visit by one day.

    • Rajib_Gs says:

      Shumon Bhai,

      Can u add me @ Facebook??… I wanna talk about couple of things about this trip with u…
      My Name: MahmuD HasaN RajiB & email id:

    • razib says:


      during eid vacation, we’re going to visit there.
      thanchi-remakree-nafakhum-sajai para-nefue para- saka hapong. we will back to thanchi as same way. try to visit amikhum-satbhai khum when we’ll back from sajai para(if possible.)

      we have 5day plan.


  19. Rajib_Gs says:

    Razib Bhai,
    We Almost have the same plan…Lets talk about that…
    Plz…Add me @ Facebook..
    My Name: MahmuD HasaN RajiB & email id:

  20. AlAmin says:

    Thanchi die to army jaite dilo na.ekhon ki khulche?

  21. AlAmin says:

    jaite mon chay……:(

  22. Nizam Adventurer says:

    Thanchi road open for trekking.

  23. Nizam Adventurer says:

    Apni amar plan ti ulto kore dekhen.Amiakhum ,satbhaikhum na gale ogulu bad den.

  24. Bruce says:

    I would like to attempt this trek in February. As a foreigner (US citizen), will I have any problems obtaining the proper permits? How would I go about obtaining the proper guides and/or trekking companions prior to arriving in Bangladesh? Thanks very much for a great website. I look forward to trekking Bangladesh!

    • Zaqiul Deep says:

      it is tough getting permits if you don’t go through travel agencies, but possible. but i don’t think you can do much before arriving in Bangladesh. after reaching Bandarban, you need to go down to the DC office and give an application for permit – attach your day-to-day plan with the application, along with a photocopy of your passport, and also mention that you will arrange guides locally (and we can help you with that).

  25. AREF says:

    any body could suggest me regarding current status of Thanchi-to-Mowdok-Taung. Does BDR allow trekkers for Mowdok-Taung. And cost as well. Pls let us know, since we have set a plan for coming December, 2016

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