Liluk Falls / Langluk Falls

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Contributor: Mahdi Al Masud

Geographical Information:Waterfall Name: Liluk Falls / Langluk Falls
Latitude: 21° 42.489’N
Longitude: 92° 29.046’E

Data measured by/ or source:
Garmin “etrex 30x” (5 September, 2017)

General Information

Additional information:
Team Name: Shangshaptak Avijatri

Team Members:

Zahidul Islam Jewel
Sharmin Sultana Tuli
Zahid Tuhin
Oaliul Islam Piash
Arafat Hosen Nobin
Khalid Hossen
Mahdi Al Masud

General Information:

Liluk falls also known as Langluk falls is an increasingly becoming popular tourist attraction of our country. Not far ago this falls was known to the common people. This falls has been out of the sight for a good long time due to wildness of the trail & being so remote from the locality. But its unique shape & tall height make this falls popular to the adventure loving travelers. Liluk falls is one of the tallest falls of our country with an approximate height of 280 feet.

Liluk falls is situated in the Tindu union (Thanchi upazila) of the Bandarban district. Tindu is famous for its mesmerizing natural beauty. The trail to Liluk falls offers not only the touch of this mesmerizing natural beauty but also a great deal of adventure to the tourists. The zigzag hilly trails & the wild jhiri paths (water stream) will definitely fascinate & mesmerize the adventure loving people. The last 20-30 minutes of the jhiri path is full of large boulders which make this trail a bit difficult & risky. But when you reach the falls, the view of the falls will mesmerize you & it will let you forget all the difficulties of the trail. If you love adventure, then visit the falls in the Rainy season to see the best shape of the falls.

Liluk or Langluk is a ‘Marma’ word. ‘Langluk’ means ‘Bats’.

How to go:
Liluk falls is situated at the Tindu union (Thanchi upazila) of the Bandarban district. One can easily go to the waterfalls through this route:

Bandarban > Thanchi > Tindu > Liluk Waterfall

One has to reach Bandarban first. Unique,Hanif,Shyamoli and few others have non AC night coach service from Dhaka to Bandarban.The fare is around 600 taka. Shyamoli and Saint Martin Paribahan have AC services. Fare is around 900 taka. From Bandarban one has to reach Thanchi. Bandarban to Thanchi local bus fare is 220 taka per person. It will take 4.5 to 5 hours. You can hire a ‘chander gari’ also. It will cost 4.5-5K taka & will take around 3 hours to reach thanchi. After reaching thanchi bazar, you have to take a registered guide with you.

Next task is to reach Tindu. You can reach Tindu with an engine boat which will cost 1000-1500 taka depending on the situation. One engine boat can accommodate 5-6 persons easily. It’ll take you around 1 hour to reach Tindu. You will have a memorable boat journey as the fascinating wild Sangu river will mesmerize you all the way.

From Tindu you have to start trekking. There are two trails to reach the falls from Tindu. First trail consists of jhiri path(water stream) all the way. The second trail has hilly paths initially & then comes the jhiri paths. In the second trail you will need an engine boat for 15 minutes from Tindu to reach the starting point of the hilly trail. It will take 2-3 hours to reach the falls in both of the trails. So it’s better you find a boatman who can act as your guide too. It will save money as you don’t need another guide.

Where to stay:
You can stay at the home of the karbari (the village head) with his permission. They take around 100-150 taka per person per night for accommodation.

What to eat (food):
You can eat in the local hotel. Or you can carry your own food & cook in the tribal house where you stay.

Tips/advise for traveler:
-Respect the indigenous people and their cultures.
-Do not litter. Burn the non disposable and bury all the garbage you make under the earth.
-Try to wear full sleeves t-shirt & socks as you have to walk through dense forest & wild jhiri paths. Stones and vegetations can scratch your toes, feet & hands badly.
-Take saline,glucose, chocolates, water bottle and dry food with yourself.
-Carry a chopper (Daa) with you. A baboo stick will help you while trekking.
-Keep a first aid box.
-Do not rush, be a team member.

Elevation Profile of the trail
default icon e-tindu-liluk-tindu-1.gpx


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