Tinap Saitar

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Contributor: Zahid Tuhin

Geographical Information:

Waterfall Name: Tinap Saitar
Latitude: 22° 8.600’N
Longitude: 92° 28.664’E

Data measured by/ or source:
Garmin “etrex 30x” (May, 2017)

General Information

Additional information:
Team Name: Shangshaptak Ovijatri

Team Member:
Sharmin Sultana Tuly
Zahidul Islam Jewel
Zahid Tuhin

General Information: 

Tinap saitar,one of the biggest waterfalls of the country. The mystical waterfall is situated deep into the Paindu Canal. The jhiri path(water way) to Tinap saitar is very fascinating. At present it has become one of the most attractive tourist destination in Bangladesh. During monsoon the flow of this falls become robust.
Tinap saiter is a Bawm word. In Bawm language Tinap means “Nose Flux“, saitar means “falls“.. Thus Tinap Saitar means ”Nose flux falls“.

How to go:
It is situated at Rowangchori,Bandarban. One can easily access the fall from Rowangchori or Ruma. There are two conventional routes. They are:

1) Bandarban > Rowangchori > Keplong para> Paikkhong para > Ronin para> Debachora para > Tinap saitar.
2) Bandarban > Ruma> Attah para> Tinap saitar.

If you want to follow the first route, just after reaching Bandarban early in the morning take an auto-rickshaw for Rowangchori bus-stop. Try to catch the first bus of Rowangchori which departs Bandarban town at 8.00 am. It will take 60 tk and maximum 1 hour to reach Rowangchori. After reaching Rowangchori, you have to entry our name at the police station and hire a guide which will cost you 1000 tk for Ronin para. After arriving Ronin para you have to hire another guide from this village. This will charge additional 1000 tk for Tinap saitar.
It will take you almost 6-7 hours to reach Ronin para depending on your walking speed and stamina. You have to spend the night at Ronin para. Next day start your trek early in the morning. It should take 3.5 – 4.5 hours to reach Tinap saiter from Ronin para. It is the most convenient way to go Tinap saitar.
Second route is via Ruma. If you follow this route,you have to go to Ruma from Bandarban by local bus. It will take 3 hours and will cost 120 tk. From there you have to hire a registered guide and entry our name at Ruma army camp . From Ruma bazar you have to go to Attah para and then tinap saitar. This route is much easier as in dry season you can reach Attah para by old military car(popularly known as Chander gari). Or you can trek along the motorway if it is in monsoon. There is an army camp just beside Attah para. You have to report there too. From Attah para it is merely 1 hour trek to Tinap saitar. But as for now this route is closed for the tourists.

Where to stay:
You can stay Paikkhong para(Bawm), Ronin para(Bawm) or Debachora para(Tanchangya). Most of the tourists stay at Ronin para as there are so many rest houses for tourists in Roninpara. This village is chaotic but cleaner and rich in tourist facility than other two villages.
But Ronin para is too much business oriented at present. If you still want the calmness and enjoy the raw nature of tribal village and its people,try to stay at Paikkhong para or Debchora para.
If you go from Ruma,stay at Attah para.

What to eat (food):
Meals are included along with the living facilities at Ronin para. Per meal will cost you 100-150 depending on what you eat. But If you stay at Paikkhong para or Debachora para,you can carry your own food and cook yourself in the owner’s kitchen where you stay.
Try to carry some dry food and chocolate to eat on the trail.

Tips/advise for traveler:
-Guide syndicate in Rowangchori and Ronin para is too much strong. It will be better if you hire a guide from Paikkhon para or Debachora para. You can hire them at a minimum cost. Please do not offer anything too expensive.
-Keep 50 to 100 feet rope. In the monsoon it will be helpful for crossing the Paindu canal.
-Keep anklet with you. It will give you a better grip than sandal at canal.
-Take all kind of preparation for leeches if you trek in monsoon or pre-monsoon.
-Respect the local people, their culture and customs.
-DO NOT LITTER. Carry out what you carry in. Try to burn all kind of poly and packs.
Do not forget to take:
-Flash light with extra batteries.
-Water bottle.
-First aid kits.

Elevation Profile of the trail
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