Kopital (West Face)

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Contributor: Zahidul Islam Jewel

Geographical Information:

Peak Name: Kopital (West Face)
Latitude: N 21°54.031′
Longitude: E 092°31.469′
Measured Height by GPS (in meter): 943.4m
GPS Tolerance/Accuracy (in meter): 3m

Data measured by/ or source:
Garmin eTrex 30x

General Information

Additional information:
Summit Day: March 24,2017. 4:45 PM
Team Name: Shangshaptak Ovijatri
Team Members:
Abdullah Al Mamun
Ahmad Parag
Zahid Tuhin
Zahidul Islam Jewel

Kopital is a famous mountain which was used as headquarter of MNF (Mizo National Front) upto early eighties. People of a nearer marma village named ‘Hlaching Para’ give testimony of its being used as MNF’s hideout place. They can show you the location of the training ground and commander’s camp on the mountain.The peak is located on the Politai mountain range. So if you are interested enough to know these information about the mountain and trek in a different route to reach the summit then make Hlachig Para your base.

How to go:
To reach the peak you have to reach Hlaching para to make it your base.Firstly reach Bandarban riding in a night coach amongst Unique,Hanif,Shyamoli etc. Fare is 620 taka as of march 2017. After reaching Bandarban go to thanchi bus stand as early as possible to catch the first bus of the day. From Thachi bus stand to Bolipara it is around 60km bus trip. It will take you 3.5-4 hours to reach Bolipara Bazar. Fare is 160 taka.

In Boli Para bazar there is a BGB(Border Guard Bangladesh) checkpost which will definately hinder you to cross the bazar for any kind of trek. So you need to manage yourself a wayout from Bolipara Bazar. Bolipara Bazar is located on the bank of mountain river Sangu. You have to cross the river to start your trek. Chema khal (another mountain river) flows into Sangu river just opposite of the Bolipara bazar. You have to trek along Chema khal from the mouth of it upto the meeting point of Chema and Naitiang khal. Then you have to trek along the upstream of Naitiang khal upto Chinglok Para. Just before Cinglok para you will find another mountain river flowing into Naitiang khal called ‘Sangrai Jhiri’. You have to camp on the bank of Sangrai jhiri as it might be already dark.

The following moring start your trek towards the upstream of Sangrai Jhiri. After approximately two hours trek you will find the trail of Hlaching Para in your left(just after the corssing of a junction of two jhiri). Do not go to the left side jhiri of the junction if you do not want ot be misguided. From the jhiri to Hlaching para it is 1750 feet steep hike. After you reach Hlaching para,manage a person from there who can take you upto Kopital peak which is only a one hour easy treak.
View from Kopital peak is worth enough to forget the pain of two days adventerous trekking.

The route in brief:

Bolipara Bazar>Genonal Para>Kechu Para>Shatirang Para>Chinglok Para>Hlaching Para>Kopital Peak
The above description is writted bearing in mind that most of the trekker in bangladesh are not yet in reach of GPS device. If you are lucky enough to have a gps device individullly or for your team,then you can reach the peak from Bolipara Bazar without any help of guide which is a bit adventerous and might boost up your confidence for future planning. Just you have to follow the track attached here.

Where to stay:
You can stay at Chinglok para or Shatirang Para at first day. Normally indigenous pepole are not hostile to the tourist. But at present the situation is on opposite course as the military administration has emphasized that no tourist is allowed in this region. So it might not be able to take shelter in any of the villages. Then you have to camp on the bank of Natiang khal or Sangrai jhiri.

What to eat (food):
As the people of this place are not yet accustomed to see tourist in regular basis,you might not be able to collect your food from them. So it is wise to carry your own food yourself.

Tips/advise for traveler:
-Boli Para bazar is not yet a popular tourist destination alike Ruma or Thanchi Bazar. So you will not get the facility of conventional guide system.
-Normally Sangu river is not deep enough near Bolipara bazar.One can cross the river walking in bare foot.But in monsoon the river gets wild and water level increases drastically. So if you go in monsoon keep all kind of preparation to cross the river safely such as life jacket,rope.
-As you will walk along three mountain river(Chema,Naitiang,Sangrai) you’ll see some smaller plunge pool near smaller waterfalls and cascades which could be deep enough. So knowing how to swim would be always beneficiary.
-respect the indigenous people and their cultures.
-Do not litter. The trail is one of the cleanest in Bandarban as it is not regularly used by the tourists yet.
-If you camp in trail always try to leave no trace. Burn the non disposable and bury all the garbage you make under the earth.
-Keep always a fist aid box with the team.
-Try to wear socks as you have to walk through stream in maximum time. Stones and vegetation can scratch your toes and feet badly. It is learned in hard way.
-If you arrange a guide for your trek do not offer anything way too expensive. Taka 500 per day is more than enough.
-Take saline,glucose,energy bar and dry food with yourself.

Elevation Profile of the trail
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  1. Mirza Russel says:

    First Congratulation…
    Sangrai Jhiri may be near BGB Camp. Before Cinglok para another small para may be exist. Another thing about Hlaching Para. Some people called it MTH para.

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