Jogi Haphong

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Contributor: Zahidul Islam Jewel

Geographical Information:

Peak Name: Jogi Haphong
Latitude: N 21°42.219'
Longitude: E 092°36.093′
Measured Height by GPS (in meter): 988
GPS Tolerance/Accuracy (in meter): 3

Data measured by/ or source:
Garmin eTrex 30x

General Information

Additional information:
Summit Day: February 23,2017
Team Members:
Oaliul Islam Piash
Zahid Tuhin
Mahdi Al Masud
Zahidul Islam Jewel
Photo Credit: Zahid Tuhin
General Information:
Jogi Haphong also known as kongduk is located on the border between Bangladesh and Mayanmar. Jogi Haphong is named by indigenous Tripura tribe.Jogi means ‘wind’ and Haphong means ‘Mountain’. Thus Jogi Haphong means ‘the mountain of wind’. It is the 4th highest peak of Bangladesh according to various unofficial measurement by different teams. The peak is a part of mighty mowdok range.
The first successful expedition for this peak was initiated by S.m. Mainul,Salehin Arshedy,Tashdid Rezwan Mugdho and Tariqul Alam Sujon. They began their journey from Podmo Mukh(mouth of mountain river Podmo Jhiri) and continued their journey through Naikkha Jhiri(a wild mountain river).They reached the peak ascending through the north-eastern ridge of the mountain. Till date this is the only team to use this unconventional and adventurous route.

How to go:
Today the convention and comparatively easier route is established from Doliyan Para(an indigenous bawm village).To reach Doliyan Para one has to reach Bandarban first. Unique,Hanif,Shyamoli and few others have non ac night coach service from Dhaka to Bandarban.The fare is 620 taka as of february 2017.Shyamoli and Saint Martin Paribahan has AC service.Fare is 900 taka.From Bandarban one has to reach Thanchi.Bandarban to Thachi local bus fare is 200 taka per person.It will take 4.5 to 5 hours.After reaching thanchi bazar,you have to take a registered guide with a very expensive rate.In most cases they are good for nothing. Relying on local indigenous guide rather than the registered bengali guide is wise from my point of view.
Next task is to reach remakri.You can reach remakri with a engine boat which can cost 2500-3000 taka depending on the situation. One engine boat can accommodate 5-6 persons easily. It’ll take you another 2 hours to reach remakri.You will have a memorable boat journey through the wild Sangu river. From remakri,you have to start trek .Remakri to Doliyan Para is a 3 hours easy trek.You can reach Doliyan Para before dusk if everything goes according to plan.
After reaching Doliyan Para you have to manage a local guide from the village.The headman or Karbari of the Doliayn Village may help you to manage a guide.Recently they have settled a gudie fee of 700 taka for Jogi Haphong Peak.Guides from Doliyan Para are much more efficient than of Thacnhi guide.Try to manage a guide who is hunter(indigenous bawm are efficient hunter) as they frequently roam around the mountain jungle thus much efficient.Start your journey early in the morning as the trail is long and it can take you whole day to return to Doliyan Para.

Where to stay:
You can stay at the home of headman(head of couple of villages) or the home of karbari(village head) with their permission.As of February 2017,they take 50 taka per night for accomodation for each person.

What to eat (food):
It is wise to carry your own food.You can cook your food at the house you stay in.Or the house owner can provide you with mashed potato,lentil soup and white rice in exchange of 40 taka per person(as of february 2017).
Take dry food,glucose and energy bar for the trail as the trail is long and exhausting.

Tips/advise for traveler:
-Jogi Haphong has four peaks.Actually one main peak with three sub peak. Most guide will take you up to first or second sub peak and claim that you have reached the true peak.They can say that there is no way to reach forward.But be a bit adamant if you have enough courage and try to reach the main peak. From 2nd sub peak to 3rd sub peak and from 3rd to 4th peak(true peak),the trail is too risky as you have to move forward with a foot width narrow ridge.But if you can reach the main summit point,it willl be a lifetime experience for you and you will get a more than 300 degree stunning panoramic view.
-try to descent through jum(indigenous cultivation) rather than the same way.make sure you guide knows the jum route before starting the journey.this route is comparatively easy,less risky and beautiful.if you use jum route you have to descent from 3200 feet to 2400 feet through dense bamboo jungle.Then the trail gets much easier.
-take plenty of water.1.5-2 litres for each winter season every water source gets dry.
-before trying to attempt the peak first hand experience of some other peak will be helpful(eg.Keoradong,Tajingdong).
-always respect the indigenous people and their culture. Remember we are only guest to their do not do anything harmful and try to be gentle to them.
-do not litter. Whatever waste made of plastic and polyethene you have don’t leave them on trail.bring them to the villages and burn them or dispose them on right place.
-wear full sleeves t-shirt as the bamboo leaves,plants and grass can scratch your body severely.
-always keep first aid box with the team.

Elevation Profile of the trail
default icon jogi-haphong-trail.gpx


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8 comments on “Jogi Haphong

  1. Tanvir Hussain says:

    well written.

  2. Abdullah Al mamun says:

    Have you found any summit note? We, a team of 5 members, went there on 29th February, 2017.

    • Abdullah Al mamun says:

      Sorry 18th February 2017

    • Zahidul Islam Jewel says:

      On top of main peak,we only found a note inscribed ‘Tariqul Alam Sujon’.But on 2nd peak we found a bottle with a note.not sure if it is yours or not.btw,who was guide for your team? Prodip? then we heard about you in Doliyan village.

  3. Abdullah Al Mamun says:

    Yes. Our guide was Pradip. Did u open the note of 2nd summit ( inside the bottle)? I am in doubt if we went to right peak or not. Is it possible to talk to u for couple of min? I have sent u friend request in FB. Would u mind accepting that?

  4. Zahirul Islam says:

    Heard of some of incidents by indigenous guide in Thankchi and Remakri such as misbehaving, trying to get extra money and even trying to kidnapping.

  5. মুহম্মদ মাহবুব হাসান says:

    thanx for sharing bro.

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