Chinmai Canal

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Contributor: A.S.M. Jiaul Hoque

Geographical Information:


Trail Name: Chinmai Canal

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Jiaul Hoque

General Information

Additional information:
This trail starts from Patiya district under Chittagong division and ends at Rowangchori of Bandarban

How to go:
From Dhaka you have to go to Chittagong at first. From there you have to go to Notun bridge bus stand.Take a bus which goes to patiya, and ask the conductor to drop you at Komolmunsir Hut Bus stop or Chakrasala stoppage. From there you can take a local tempoo and start towards the “khalpar” or the starting point of the trek. Start your trek towards “Budbudir Chora”, a source of natural gas field inside the dense forests. From there you have to hike towards komlachori village for the night stay. On the way you will find the tomb of Kanu Shah over a small hill. Next day early morning start your trek towards another tribal village, “Boro Lebuchori Tripura Para” and “Choto Lebuchori Para” and reach to “Dhopachori Para”. From “Dhopachori Bazar” you can hike towards “East Dhopachori Moglar Mukh Bazar” and headed straight towards “Rowangchori”. From Rowangchori you can go “Bandarban Sadar” and grab a bus towards Chittagong.

Where to stay:
You can stay Komlachori village for the first night.

What to eat (food):
Food is available in Komlchori and other tribal villages. You can take some dry foods to eat while trekking. Noodles and soup can be carried for emergency food item.

Tips/advise for traveler:
This trail is well known for WILD ELEPHANTS. Besides, the canal has lots of diversions where there is plenty of possibility to get lost and loose the main stream of the canal. so you should must take a local guide.


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