Bandarkum Falls (Napittachhara trail)

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Contributor: Chanchal

Geographical Information:Waterfall Name: Bandarkum Falls (Napittachhara trail)

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General Information

Additional information:
This beautiful waterfall is situated within the Mirer Shoraii range of Chittagong. Amazingly beautiful but surprisingly less-discussed, this falls will simply blow your mind away if you can make it during monsoon. Also, compared to the other beautiful falls in the CHT area, this can be followed by relatively easier trail which is commonly known as Napittachhara. While on the way to Bandarkum falls, you will go across another smaller cascade which is often referred to as ‘Tiparakum’ by the locals. Also there is another falls near by, which is known as ‘Baghbiani falls’. If you have time and energy left after reaching Bandarkum falls, you can drop by baghbiani also on your way back. Baghbiani is relatively smaller compared to Bandarkum but the elevation of the fall is very high, which makes it look really nice. This trail is bit difficult to make during heavy rainfall, but it’s worth making it because the waterfall is absolutely gorgeous at this time of the year. During the dry seasons, the trail is ‘piece of cake’ to make but you will not like the poor flow of water in the fall.

How to go:
To go to Bandarkum, you need to get on Dhaka-Ctg bus. Shamoly, Hanif, S.Alam, Green Line – All these leading bus services have night coach in this route (Ticker price is within 500-600 Non-AC). Just get off the bus at Mirer Shoraii bazar. From there, take local CNG to a near by place named No’duijjar haat (Noy duariyar haat). It’s about 4km from Mirer shoraii bazar. From there, you’ll see a road heading towards east. Start walking and after 15-20 minutes of walk, you’ll cross the rail line and again you’ll have to walk through peddy fields. Within another 15-20 minutes, you’ll reach the village right in the lap of the hills, from where you’ll need to follow ‘Jhhiri poth’. It is better to take a local boy from the village. They will guide you to see all three falls.

Where to stay:
As it requires maximum half day to see the falls, you may not require to stay anywhere. You can easily catch evening / night bus to Dhaka on the same day you reach there. Still if you plan to visit some more places (Khoiyachhara / Boailla etc), then you’ll need to go back to Baroiyar haat or Sitakunda to find a hotel/boarding. Because, there is no boarding at Mirer Shoraii bazar.

What to eat (food):
There are a lot of restaurants at Mirer shoraii bazar where you can have your breakfast after getting off the bus. Then, you can carry some dry food with you if you wish (As it’s just a few hours trail, even that might not be necessary). But please take plenty of drinking water because, several hours of trekking will definitely make you thirsty.

Tips/advise for traveler:
As this is ideally just one day trip, you may not require to take lots of clothing with you. Just one spare set would suffice so that you can change after having shower in the falls.
Please wear sandal because the trail is full of stones and in some places, you’ll require walk bare footed. During heavy rain fall, bare foot might be the only option.
Leeches are found in plenty at the trail, so you may want to carry some salt. However, local guides are apt enough to get rid of the leeches. So, not a big thing to worry about.
If you carry food with you, PLEASE PLEASE don’t throw left-overs anywhere in the trail. Bring everything back with you. Preserve the natural beauty for the upcoming generations, don’t spoil it for your own entertainment.
If you go in a large group, please make sure not to make too much nois

e. Silence and tranquility is a blessing of the hills, we need to honor it, both for ourselves and for the sake of tribes living in those areas.
During the trekking, you’ll often meet indigenous people rushing to and from their villages upstream. Please make sure that you show respect. They are generally very cordial people, we need to be the same to them.


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6 comments on “Bandarkum Falls (Napittachhara trail)

  1. amit says:

    ami ektu confused…oneke napittachora jhorna name jetar pic dei shetaiki bandorkum jhorna,naki napittachora name onno aro jhorna ache?

  2. Chanchal says:

    Amit bhai, actually trail tar naam Napittachhara, ai jonne oneke napittachhara jhhorna bole. But daan pasher pic ta e oi trail er main jhhorna abong etar naam e ‘Bandarkum jhharna’. Baam pasher ta pothe porbe, oitake local ra bole ‘Tiparakum’, abar ‘napittachhara chhoto jhorna’ o bole.
    oi trailay arekta jhhorna ase. Baghbiani jhhorna. ekhane pic naii karon ami ekta problem er karone oidike jaite pari naii. but that’s also easy trail to make.
    Hope my answer will clear your confusion :)


  3. alam says:

    can I get ur no plz?

  4. Yohanna says:

    Justine dit:Sais-tu ce qu est l amour?Mais le vrai, pas le plastifie9,pas le vendu au suprrmaeche9c est toujours une tempeatetous les jours une feateet meame endommage9,l amour toujours brille comme jamaise9tincelle, s illumine pour ne jamais s e9teindrecar quel bonheur de t e9treindre!quel bonheur de t aimer,quel bonheur l amitie9

  5. Glad I’ve finally found something I agree with!

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