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Contributor: Fazlay Rabby

Geographical Information:


Island Name: Kutubdia
Latitude: N21 52.471
Longitude: E91 50.581

Data measured by/ or source:
Garmin GPCMAP60Cx

General Information


Additional information:

How to go:
The easiest way to go to Kutubdia Island is to go by Mognama ghat (Mognama jetty). There is direct bus service from Chittagong to Mognama, also you can go to Mognama by CNG taxi from Chokoria. One can go to Chokoria from Chittagong, or from Dhaka by direct bus. It is also possible to go by Dhaka-Coxs Bazar bus and drop at Chokoria Bazar.

From Mognama there is boat and speedboat to cross the channel. Speedboat takes only 10/15 minutes and cost 60Taka each pax. From Kutubdia jetty, you can take a rickshaw to go to the far/sea side of the island where there is a rest house.

Where to stay:
There is a rest house (dak banglo) and few small hotels in the island. The rest house is comparatively better in out view. Cost around 200Taka/room with attach bath.

What to eat (food):
Plenty of small local restaurants are available for food.

Tips/advise for traveler:
Respect the local culture. Do not wear exposing outfit (especially women).

Elevation Profile of the trail

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12 comments on “Kutubdia

  1. maks says:

    thanks indeed, i am longing for a kutubdia excursion! there is a lighthouse right?

  2. Rahat says:

    The original (For what Kutubdia famous for) has been drowned in sea

  3. Rahat says:

    the wind generated power house is destroyed in last storm (LAYLA) .

  4. tauhid says:

    but never try go kutubdiya after sunset coz security problem.
    the most famous is wind power plant with tranquil beach.
    u can visit the new light house wich is merely a mobile tower like structure.u can go kutub shahi mazar very big mazar area.
    the beach beside the light house is very nice and u hardly see any people.
    actually lonely beach.


  5. tauhid says:

    @rabbi vai

    yes there are no security prob on the beach even @ night.

    but i wanted to say not to cross mognama ghat after sunset .
    the area is not good for outsiders in dark–according to locals.

  6. A H Tushar says:

    Ghure elam … wind power plant er samner beach ta amazing !!!

  7. Jumon says:

    Friday te jacche,,,keu jodi aktu bole den rate kothai thakle bhalo hove..?Karon manush matro 4-5 jon,tent pitch kora mone hoy thek hove na,tai thavo koi,javo kibave…karo kono contact number thakle…Mongama gate javar bus chittagong kotha theke chare.?amra sobai bhalo walk korte pare,,tai minimum koto cost a parvo,jodi keu aktu dharona diye diten,onek upokar hoto…

  8. Jumon says:

    Rabby bhai reserve na kore local e jawa jai na?ato taka to nai:(…ar sorkari dak banglo porjonto ki hete jete parvo,,,koi KM ?mane amader jekhane namiye dive sekhan theke?ar boat ki local naki speed boat?tent to akta,tai camping korbo kemne,somossa nai ,akta room niye 4 jon theke javo…raate to full moon thakve…
    rabby bhai apne america gele amake boilen,akta camera anamu,okhane kom dame pawa jave…

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