Thanchi to Tajingdong,through Poddo Jhiri

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Contributor: Fazlay Rabby

Geographical Information:


Trail Name: Thanchi to Tajingdong,through Padma Jhiri

Data measured by/ or source:
Garmin GPSMAP60Cx with external antenna,
Courtesy – fazlay Rabby

General Information


Route- Thanchi- Iyari- Padma- Menthon Para (New)- Menthon Para (old)- Boarding Para- Sherkorpara- Tajingdong/Lungphe Taung.

Additional information:

This trail will lead you to Tajingdong, one of the renowned peak of Bangladesh. Though it claimed as the highest peak of Bangladesh, no other source support the official claim.
this is not a regular trail to go Tajingdong. if you are a really adventure seeker then can try this.

How to go:
Start from Thanchi early morning by boat (or walk along the side of the sangu river) towards Poddo. It is 2 hours by boat towards Tindu on Sangu river upstream. If you trek then you have to get on a boat from Iyari upto Padma.From Poddo the trail start, go by the stream/jhiri. In some part of the stream it is very dificult and sometime impossible to cross the big stones, in those cases you have to detour from the stream a bit and after crossing the obstacle aagin you can return to the stream.

We reached upto Notun Menthun para before dark and night halted there. Track after menthon para is not through the stream but using regular hilly path. If you use this trail please try to cover the stream from new menthon para to Boardingpara with GPS.
After Boarding PAra you have to trek through the regular Tajing dong Trail.
We advise you not to get back through that trail. Use the regular one to get Back. If you find difficult to go to Menthon Para then use a shortcut through Abru Headman Para. that Take you Straight to Sherkor Para.

Where to stay:
Almost at any Para (Tribal Village).

What to eat (food):
You can cook by using the kitchen of the house you stay. We advise people to take some food with them. Rice, egg, chicken or vegetable may be posible to get from any tribal village. But it is not assured.  We suggest to take light and dry food as noodles or biscuit . No shop available.

Tips/advise for traveler:

• You may take medicine for malaria, as hill tracks of Bangladesh is Malaria affected zone.
• Wear comfortable foot wear. Make sure it can give you a better grip. You can wear local plastic sandal if you don’t have any thing. But must wear it with socks, better with couple of socks. Other wise if you are not sure what you should wear then bye a jungle boot, which you can buy from supply stores of army or police accessories. You can get this stores at Kachukhet bazaar or Palwel super market
• If you take any guide or porter, then take tribal guide or porter .
• Pack all of your good in extra water proof bag or bags.
• Fix how much the guide will cost you. The standard rate is 300 taka per day. But may not get any guide for this trail.
• Don’t take to much load, use back pack instead of other sorts of bag. Couple of pairs of dress will be enough. You don’t need any tent because you will get accommodation easily.
• Don’t rush, that may occur any accident or trouble.
• Keep head cool in danger. That is the best act. Try to enjoy even in tough situation.
• Take rope if you are there in rainy season.
• Trekking with friends is better than trekking with unknown person.
• Your physical stress can create mental stress. So any one can behave roughly, take it easy.
• There might be some lice, don’t be afraid they are not life threatening.
• Support your weaker partner, don’t leave him. That support may make the trip enjoyable.
• respect tribal culture.
• Please keep the hills clean.

What to take:

• Extra one pack of dress to sleep at night
• Electric Torch with extra battery.
• Camera.
• Dry food, light but enough to eat in the way.
• Water container, to drink water on the way.
• Can take water purifier, though most of the time water is clean.
• Extra socks, as much as possible

take Sleeping bag if possible.

take dry food, noodles etc with you.Spice is must for cooking chicken and egg.

Elevation Profile of the trail
default iconTahnchi-to-Tajingdong-through-padma-Jhiri.gpx

By Foysal Kaiyum

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2 comments on “Thanchi to Tajingdong,through Poddo Jhiri

  1. rabby says:

    Dear Foysal Kaiyum, I am very glad to read your blog…its very much informative…the question is how can go boarding para by foot ? I know there is foot way from thanchi to boarding para …plz reply…

  2. Nawazis says:

    Very useful blog with extensive writing and information. Please keep posting and obviously let us know if we can help provide you any information.


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