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Contributor: Mahmudul Karim Ripon

Geographical Information:


Peak Name: Thajindhong

Latitude: N21 48.968

Longitude: E92 31.819

Measured Height by GPS (in meter): 829.66m

GPS Tolerance/Accuracy (in meter): 3m

Data measured by/ or source:

GPS Trace: Garmin Gpsmap 60 Csx by Mahmudul Karim Ripon

Information: Mahmudul Karim Ripon, based on his trip of 22Nov 2009

Topographic Maps: Fazlay Rabby

General Information


Additional information:

officially Tajingdong is claimed one of the highest peak.its almost 12.5km far from Thanchi Bazar and need a continuous feet of at least 10.2km to Sherkor Para, if u want to stay night there, or can take a day rest in mid at Boarding Para after the orange Garden..

How to go:

the whole trail is given in maps version and you can also download the Google earth satellite pics by this gdb file.. go straight to Thanchi from Bandarban by bus ”Shugondha service” or ”Chimbuker Buke” that start from Thanchi bus station (for the shorter way), and follow the east way that start from banglai para in just east south of Thanchi hanging bridge.. you will have a down trek just after the Tuktong para, to the Kompla bagan(orange garden).. its an easy trek from Thanchi.. If u start from Boga lake or from Rumna bazar, you have to come Thajindong after Baklai camp.. its a two day journey from Boga lake..

Where to stay:

stay at Thanchi rest house, or better you go to Uba mo chairmen’s sister’s house if you are large in number.. the house is two storied and in the upstairs, here u can lay a lot in numbers.. no good accommodation, but better toilet than Thanchi Jila poridhod rest house…

than walk to Boarding para, can take a wonderful night stay there.. but, plz be quiet.. than take another rest in Sherkor para if u r decided to return in same trail to Thanchi after Thajindhong..

What to eat (food):

Food is good in Thanchi.. than if u r not good in Tribal people’s cooked food, than carry what u want to eat.. the only available food in boarding para or Sherkor para are Chicken and eggs.. others depends on season..

Tips/advise for traveler:

make your back pack as light as u can.. you don’t need to carry much water(even none, filled).. carry empty bottle, u can have enough chara(stream) on the way… don’t take packet food.. if you take, carry back the waste..

Elevation Profile of the trail





Google topographic map: thajindong on google map

US Army 1:250K topographic map: thajindong on US Army 1:250k topo map

Russian 1:200K topographic map: thajindong on Russian 1:200k topo map

Photo Gallery:

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10 comments on “Thajindhong

  1. s21rc says:

    Dear Mahmudul, thank you for this wonderful job. Much appreciated. I have converted your MAP file to GPX to enable this site to show it visually.

    I hope other trekkers will be benefited from these information.

    Site Admin

  2. ripon says:

    Thanks.. i m glad to see my recorded trail in ur site.. i hope so that will help the trekkers who need it..

  3. Rahat says:

    we also think your contribution will support trekker

  4. ratulbd says:

    Gr8 job, to bring Tazingdong under mesurement!
    Thanks Ripon.

  5. ripon says:

    u r welcome Ratul… Thanks to Banglatrek too…

  6. Ripon says:

    guys, topographic map has long accuracy measurement.. as u see the contour line are almost 20-50ft(am not sure).. it might varied much.. i know there are three peak side by side in Thajindhong.. and as for local says, i climbed the highest one.. If even they said it wrong, it might be 10-20ft difference from one to another.. so, i think, Thajindhong cannot claim more than 2800ft.. i will go there again soon and will collect all possible immediate heights of those all pics..

  7. Rabby says:

    Thanks Ripon,
    The three topo maps are marked with co-ordination provided by you.

    We can clearly see there is no peak with 3000+feet (or more than keo’s height)nearby.

    Thanks again for your contribution.

  8. Nayan says:

    It’s truly effective,and can be the best sources to trek around Bangladesh.On my last trek to keokaradong i have used it .Your jobs is highly appreciated.

    Do carry with more facts,trail and references.


    • Rabby says:

      Thanks Nayan.
      This website is open for all to contribute their data. If you have done any trek or found any falls or visited any islands whose data is not here, you are most welcome to submit your data for publishing. We give post/photo credit to author.

      Rabby, WebAdmin

  9. Hershel says:

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