Sippi Arsuang / Ramju Taung

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Geographical Information:

Peak Name: Ramju Taung / Sippi Arsuang
Latitude: N 22° 11′ 03.43″
Longitude: E 92° 29′ 01.57″
Measured Height by GPS (in meter): 896
GPS Tolerance/Accuracy (in meter):15

Data measured by/ or source:

GPS trace: Nokia E71 by Fazlay Rabby.

Photograph: Fazlay Rabby

Topographic Maps: Fazlay Rabby

General Information

Additional information:

The peak is situated in the Ruma Thana of Bandarban district.The peak is known as Ramjhum in Tanchanga or Chakma tribal language. Also it is call Sippi Arsuang  by Boam Tribe. This is one of the new discovered and small number of trekkers of the Bangladesh was on  the top of the peak. In 23nd February, 2008 a trekking club of Bangladesh named “Nature Adventure Club” climbed over it and measured the peak. They claimed the height is 3028 feet.

There are some trail to be at Ramju Taung/Sippi Arsuang

follow the link/s to get more info about the trails

Google Topographic map:

ramju taung google topographic map

US Army 1:250k topographic map:

ramju taung/ Sippi arsuang US army 1:250k topographic map.

Russian 1:200k topographic map:

ramju tuang 1:200k Russian topo map

Photo Gallery:

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9 comments on “Sippi Arsuang / Ramju Taung

  1. Rabby says:

    GPX link invalid, you have linked it with facebook :)

  2. rahat says:

    sorry for this big mistake

  3. rahat says:

    I had not link it to FB. the line doesnt have any link.
    Fixed it :)

  4. Rabby says:

    still the attachment icon is linked with facebook :p

  5. chowdhury shihab says:

    awesome.. i started to go bandarban randomly 4m class 9 without family permission (LoL). 4m thn i was thinking to cr8 something like this website. but i couldn’t, coz i always walk alone through any path. the largest team of mine was of 2 members (LoL again)…..anyway great job. thnx. plz think of adding safa haflong too.

    • s21rc says:

      Hi Shihab,
      You are lucky that you fall in love with the hills in that age. I wish if I could get back all those time of youth again.

      Please note: This is not any of our own page/site, consider it everyone’s site. I never been to Saka, I hope someday who went there will share their info here. You are welcome to share info regarding hills/island etc here, but must be authentic firsthand info. We discourage people to copy from other sites as most of the Bangladeshi site with hill info are exaggerated.


  6. Rowdro says:

    Dear Memebers,

    I never used GPS Device and I have no knowledge how to synchronize GPS device with different MAP making websites.What kind of GPS device will be suitable for this kind of adventurous journey? Please also advise from where can I buy a good GPS device in BD?


    • s21rc says:

      Dear Rowdro,
      Any handheld GPS will be benificial during your adventure trip. As a start you can check Garmin Etrek series GPS which are mostly below 100$ range, for advance use including working with map you might think of a mapping GPS, like Garmin GPSMAP60 series.

      I heard that some shop in IDB bhaban sells GPS (but very high price tag) in BD. Best is if you can ask any friend/relative to bring one from abroad. If you need to learn GPS then join the Banglatrek facebook group or Travelers of Bangladesh facebook group where we do voluntary GPS orientation/field trip.

      WebAdmin, Banglatrek

  7. Rowdro says:

    Dear Rabby vai,

    Thanks for your info.I am already a member of travelers of bangladesh facebook group…


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