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Geographical Information:

Peak Name: Keokradong

Latitude: N 21° 56′ 59.93″   Longitude: E 92° 30′ 52.14″

Measured Height by GPS (in meter): 986m
GPS Tolerance/Accuracy (in meter): 3m

Data measured by/ or source:
Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx

General Information

Keokradong also spell as  Kewkradong/ Keokaradong/Kewkaradong/Keokaradang/Kewkaradang,Keokradang,Kewkradang. This is the most popular peak of Bangladesh and become one of the  most popular tourist attraction of Bangladesh. Also can count as the most popular trekking destination of Bangladesh.

Sometime officially it claimed as the highest peak of Bangladesh. Official height of the peak is 1230 meter or 4035 feet. A stone put up on the top of the peak by the Bangladeshi military proclaiming the altitude to be 3172 feet. Except the peaks that situated at the border or near to Border of Bangladesh, it might be the highest and 5th highest peak among the all.
The peak is situated in Ruma Thana (Police Station) in Bandarban a district  situated in Hill Tracks of Bangladesh. As the Hill Tracts is the heaven for Bangladeshi Trekker, most of the time this route become the first trekking experience for Bangladeshi Trekkers. As a distinct peak over 2000 feet (660 meters)  can be counted as a mountain peak, this is one of those few mountain peak of Bangladesh under that definition. This is one of the top peaks of Bangladesh.

Though most of the detail map shows the location on the peak in further north but this peak has been established as Keokradong from the beginning , when the trekkers started to visit it.

How to go:

One need to reach Bandarban first. Bandarban is accessible from different location. Click the bellow mentioned links to find how one can reach Bandarban.

You can follow the bellow linked trail to go Keokradong.

Right now (Jully,2013) the Jhiri Path is not officially accessible.

The tourist and visitors are asked to use another trail  popularly known as “Garir Rasta”. This is another trail avoiding Jhiri. by these trail any one can take transport to be at the peak if situation suite. Usually one can use transportation up to the Murong Para Just a Kilometer away from Bogalake or upto a place called 11 mile (around 6 km away from Bogalake) in the same trail.

Attraction on the Way : tribal life of Bangladesh, Chander Gari Ride,  Shailo PropatPatang Jhiri , Chingri Jhiri, Beauty Of Hill Tracks of Bangladesh , Trekking, Jhiri path, Bogalake , Sangu River, Boam Tribe.

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Picture of the peak Keokradong

Google Topographic map:

keokradong google topographic map

US Army 1:250k topographic map:

keokradong US Army 1:250k topographic map

Russian 1:200k topographic map:

keokradong Russian 1:200k topographic map

Photo Gallery:

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12 comments on “Keokradong/Keokaradong/Keokradang

  1. Rabby says:

    GPS Coordinates of the peak known as Keokradang / Keokradong shows the peak in “Tangiodaung” in the US map and in “Ridge Tangiodaung” in Russian map. I am wondaring if the name “Thagindong” derived from this range by mistake……

  2. Rahat says:

    pls check the error of gpx file

  3. Rahat says:

    some spell that as kewkradong

  4. Lynx-Eyed says:

    Dear Guys,
    I am member of lynx-eyed group.Our group member reached the keokadang mountain.15/2/2011…………… is not tough task any one can achieved this

    • rahat says:

      Ya it is not tough task. any one can do it. even Bangladesh really have little place to challenge toughness.

  5. sohag0 says:

    Ahhhhh, tomar pic & video dekhei gelam, tomake bastobe dekhar sadh ar metlona…. :(

  6. Nizam Adventurer says:

    We,those trek keowkradang is the first inspiration.Climbing up keowkradong first time is gives a different feelings.It is our Evererst.Save Nature.

  7. tegan says:

    needs more info, im doing a school project about this particular mountain and did not get any infomation of this website, sorry not sorry

  8. Nizam Adventurer says:

    Try hard to help u. mail me

  9. utshob says:

    vai,ekhon ki jhiri poth diye trekking kora jay na??janale upokrito hoi.

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  11. zillur rahman says:

    I along with some of my friends wanna go to Jadipai fall via Keokradong from Dhaka on early march. Can we take a jeep upto Keokradong. As we r around 50 years old, we wanna walk only Jadipai from Keokeadong.

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