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Contributor: Zaqiul Deep

Geographical Information:

Waterfall Name:  Tlubong

Latitude:       21°55’19.81” N
Longitude:    92°32’54.67” E

Data measured by/ or source:
Garmin ”etrex 20” – September 2012.

General Information:

Tlubong is the starting point of the Remakri canal. The two streams Prangsha (left) and Pangkhiang (right) forms two beautiful waterfalls falling side by side, creating one of the very few double falls in the hill tracts of Bangladesh.


How to go:

The most convinient way is to go from Sungsang para – Tlubong is situated only about 2.5km south-east of this Bawm village. Take a guide or ask for directions from Sungsang.

Sungsang is only 1-2 hours away from Keokradong. Go to Passing para from Keokradong, and ask for directions. There is only one trail leading to Sungsang from Passing and there’s no way you will get lost.

Please refer to the attached GPS trail to get a better idea about the location.


Where to stay:

Lodging facility for tourists/trekkers are available in Boga Lake, Keokradong and Passing para, but at Sungsang you’ll need to stay at tribal houses, which itself will be an interesting experience. But it is possible to go to Tlubong from Keokradong/Passing and come back on the same day.


What to eat (food):

Meals are included with the lodging facilities at Boga, Keokradong and Passing, but if you stay at Sungsang you’ll have to depend on whatever you find in the village or in the house you’ll be staying in. Also carry some dry food and chocolates to eat on the trail.


Tips/advise for traveler:

Monsoon is the best time to visit, to see the falls in its full force – but the trail will be infested to leeches and crossing the stream will be hard.

Also please keep in mind:

– RESPECT THE LOCALS – their customs and culture.

– DO NOT LITTER – respect nature – develop a garbage management system for your team – carry out whatever you carry in.

– DO NOT DISTURB NATURE / WILDLIFE – must not create abnormally loud noises – wear colors that blend in with the surroundings.

Elevation Profile of the trail

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  1. Anup Barua says:

    Is this called as “Double falls”??

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