Sijuk / Nandaram Falls 2

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Contributor: Mohammad Moniruzzman Monir

Geographical Information:Waterfall Name: Sijuk / Nandaram Falls 2

Data measured by/ or source:
Banglar trekker Group. Admin Nizam Uddin & others.

General Information

Additional information:
This waterfall is situated in one of the most remote area in Nandoram, Rangamati. But you need to go at first Dhiginala, Khagrachori to reached Nandoram, Rangamati.

How to go:
You can go directly to Khagrachori by Shamoli Bus from Sayedabad, Dhaka. Ticket price will be around 520 taka. From Khagrachori you need to go Dhiginala. From Dhiginala you can go with Jeep or hire a Jeep, your guide Azam help you to find a Jeep. you can stay Dhiginala Hotel. From Dhiginala you need to go Nandoram in Rangamati. your trekking will start from Nandoram. you can took guide Azam from Dhiginala. he will help you to find another tribal guid from Nandoram (there is tribal guide name Sobi). Without guide it is nearly impossible to go there if you are for the first time. you guide will manage permission from Army and any other permission if needed. In nondoram you must meet to the union mamber. it will take 6 to 6:50 hours to go and back from Sijuk / Nandaram Falls 2. You can also visit Sijuk / Nandaram Falls 1.

Where to stay:
it is easy to go from Dhiginala and back to Dhiginala.

What to eat (food):
Take plenty of dry foods(biscuit,chocolates), water. You can also eat at tribal village Nandoram but for that ask you guide to manage. Don’t forget to eat bamboo fry there…

Tips/advise for traveler:
Make sure you have good physical fitness. Take at least one sharp chopper with you for making trails. Take 4ft long bamboo stick and good trekking boot which can grip maximum. Take plastic bags for your electronic devises. Always keep bandaid and odomos(mosquito repellent cream) with yourself. Take at least two sets of cloths and torchlight. Trek with full concentration. Keep yourself safe from snakes, spiders, leech and mosquito etc. Do not disturb the jungle in anyway. Help and inspire the weaker teammate. Do not go too fast or too slow. Try to be in a rhythm. Be a teammate not a hero.


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9 comments on “Sijuk / Nandaram Falls 2

  1. monir says:

    what a beauty.

  2. zaman says:

    i like it. well done boss

  3. saiful says:

    its needed. a needed writing. khub valo hoyasa. dorkari akta post.

  4. saiful says:

    vai khub valo hoisa. akbar jabo.

  5. imran says:

    monir vai to onak jayga gursan. vai good luck.

  6. akash says:

    amar sonar bangla ami tomay valo bashi. vai apnar number ta dan. dorkara call korbo

  7. Kathie says:

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  8. raihan says:

    koi din lgbe ei trip e????

  9. Arif Faiza says:

    Dighinala theke Vor bela ber hoye Nandaram Falls dekhe Sondhay abar Dighinala back kora possible?
    Dighinala theke Nandaram jawar transportation ki? Guide Azam er number ta dewa jabe plsss

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