Ri-Sung-Sung Falls

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Contributor: Zaqiul Deep

Geographical Information:

Waterfall Name: Ri-Sung-Sung Falls

Latitude: N 21º 53.557’
Longitude: E092º 26.314’

Data measured by/ or source:

Garmin etrex 20.
on 10 August 2012.

General Information:

this 40-50 feet waterfall falls into Chema canal, and is very close to Boli para.

this area is still not used to seeing travelers and trekkers, and thus the army might not be very supportive to let you in if they see you, and you will face questions from the curious locals as well.


How to go:

you can go to Boli Bazar by bus or ’chander gari’ from Bandarban town.

at Boli, cross the Shangu to go to the otherside of the river, get to the point where Chema canal meets Shangu and start trekking upstream. while following the canal, the only village you will find right on the bank of the canal is Cho-Chu Para (Marma).

it is roughly a 5 hours roundtrip from Boli to Ri-Sung-Sung and back to Boli.


Where to stay:

as the timing won’t permit you to get back to Bandarban town on the same day, it would be very good idea to camp at Chema. it would offer you some great spots to stay a night.

otherwise, ask for a place to stay at Cho-Chu; they will surely be happy to welcome you into one of their houses.

then again, remember that they are not used to seeing travelers and trekkers.


What to eat (food):

you will find places to eat upto Boli; after that you might find food at Cho-Chu, or you will need to depend on what you carry with you.


Tips/advise for traveler:

please keep in mind:

– RESPECT THE LOCALS – their customs and culture.

– DO NOT LITTER – respect nature – develop a garbage management system for your team – carry out what you carry in.

– DO NOT DISTURB NATURE / WILDLIFE – must not create abnormally loud noises – wear colors that blend in with the surroundings.

Elevation Profile of the trail
default iconboli-to-risungsung.gpx



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