Thingdawlte Tlang

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Contributor: Zaqiul Deep

Geographical Information:

Peak Name: Thingdawlte Tlang

Latitude: N 21º 54.626’
Longitude: E092º35.361’

Measured Height by GPS (in meter): 955 meters.

GPS Tolerance/Accuracy (in meter): +/- 3 meters.

Data measured by/ or source: Garmin etrex 20 – 31 December 2012.


General Information:

”Thingdawlte Tlang” gets its name from being located just next to the Bawm village of Thingdawlte.

The peak itself is not at all hard to reach – you will find clear trails up to just 40-50 meters below the highest point. But being very close to the border of Myanmar (just 3km east) and having a greater elevation than most surrounding peaks, it offers amazing panoramic views all around.


How to go:

The most convenient route would be:

Ruma Bazar > Boga Lake > Keokradong > TheiKhiang > Thingdawlte.

from Ruma Bazar you can take the jhiripoth, or rent a chander gari to Boga Lake. From Boga, take the trail to Keokradong, and from there it is a 3 hour trek to TheiKhiang Para. From TheiKhiang head east to Thingdawlte which should take another 2-3 hours; you would need to go down and cross the beautiful Remakri Canal, and from there head straight up and the initial part of this trail is very very steep.

at Thingdawlte Para, anyone will recognize the peak and help you locate it is you just ask for directions to Thingdawlte Tlang.


Where to stay:

Lodging facilities for travelers are available upto Keokradong. At TheiKhiang and Thingdawlte, you will need to stay in tribal houses, both of which are Bawm.


What to eat (food):

Facilities for travelers are available upto Keokradong. For TheiKhiang and Thingdawlte, it will be a good idea to carry some food but you will find rice and vegetables and tribal food in the villages which they will be more than happy to share with you – still try to pay some money in return of the hospitality they would welcome you with.


Tips/advise for traveler:

please keep in mind:

– RESPECT THE LOCALS – their customs and culture.

– DO NOT LITTER – respect nature – develop a garbage management system for your team – carry out what you carry in.

– DO NOT DISTURB NATURE / WILDLIFE – must not create abnormally loud noises – wear colors that blend in with the surroundings.

– – –

do not forget to take:

– ’daa’ might be helpful – at least carry a pocket knife.
– flashlight with extra batteries.
– water bottle (1 litre would be sufficient for this trail).
– basic first-aid kit.

Elevation Profile of the trail
default icontheikhiang-to-thingdawlte-tlang.gpx

View from the top of Thingdawlte Tlang.

View from the top of Thingdawlte Tlang.

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